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Inday Sara Reacts On CBCP Pres. Villegas' Letter To Late Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin

Read: Inday Sara Reacts On CBCP Pres. Villegas’ Letter To Late Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio reacted on the letter of Archbishop Villegas.

INDAY SARA – Presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio expressed her side on the letter of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Pres. Socrates Villegas to the late Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin.

Recently, the President of CBCP, Archbishop Soc Villegas wrote a letter to the late Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin for the 31st Anniversary of the Edsa People Power Revolution.

Based on a recent report in GMA News Online, the Presidential daughter has reacted on the letter of the CBCP President to the late Archbishop through a statement.

In her statement, Mayor Inday Sara tagged the Archbishop as a hypocrite for failing to see the reason why her father won the presidential position based on the report.

“He won the presidency precisely because you ignored what was wrong with this world,” the Davao City Mayor said.

She raised a question on how the Archbishop was able to say that Pres. Duterte “singlehandedly defaced the memory of the EDSA revolution”.

Inday Sara
CBCP President Archbishop Socrates Villegas / Photo from CBCPNews.com

She noted in her statement the several issues faced by the country and stressed that the country has “been hounded” by those issues “Since 1986 and until seven months ago”.

The younger Duterte also emphasized in her statement that the desire of the Archbishop is for “a leader who walks and talks” like him to sit on power. She then stressed, “Someone who is definitely not Rodrigo Duterte”.

She also shared how her father asked them not to forget the eve of February 25, 1986 and said that her father “perfectly understood” the spirit of EDSA. She expressed her belief that the President knows it better than the Archbishop does.

Inday Sara
Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio / Photo Courtesy of ABS-CBN News, Manman Dejeto

Based on the report, the Presidential daughter stressed in her statement the difficulty she feels on trying to understand why the EDSA Revolution has become the meaning of freedom for the country.

“Let me tell you what freedom is. It is to live a life that is free from your selective moral standard. This is what the meaning of EDSA is,” she added.

In the letter of the CBCP President to the late Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin, Archbishop Villegas stated that for eight months there was “relentless killings of the poor in the name of ‘change'”.

“The dictator ousted by People Power is now buried among heroes. The Lady of 1,200 pairs of shoes is now Representative in Congress. History books are rewritten. Historical memory is revised,” the Archbishop also stated based on a report in Rappler.

In his letter, the CBCP President expressed that he misses the late Archbishop. Archbishop Villegas seek the late Cardinal Sin’s teachings on courage, humor, faith and righteous indignation.

Villegas also stated how the late Archbishop responded to him and told him to celebrate the anniversary of the EDSA Revolution even when he and the late Pres. Cory Aquino are gone.

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