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Leroi Alba: Two-Year-Old Genius Kid from Batangas Featured in Rated K (Video)

Leroi Alba, the two-year-old genius kid from the province of Batangas was featured on Rated K on Sunday, September 15, 2013, showcasing his talents not only to Korina but worldwide.

Watch the video of Leroi Alba featured on Rated K:

The two-year-old Leroi Alba knows the complicated Table of Elements, the Heroes of the Philippines. Rated K host Korina Sanchez even challenged Leroi by displaying some flags which was easily identified by Leroi Alba.

At the young age of tw0-years-old, Leroi could even read whatever Korina Sanchez was written during the show. The gifted child from Batangas, Leroi Alba is the son of Edward Evangelista and Leslie Alba.

Aside from reading, Leroi can also write displaying his skills by writing the numbers and its corresponding spelling. According Psychpros, one of the leading mental and social development center in the country, Leroi is mentally gifted with 132 IQ.

Aside from Leroi some of the Philippines gifted child were also featured in Rated K hosted by Korina Sanchez which airs every Sunday at ABS-CBN Channel 2.

Leroi Alba

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About the author: Ed Umbao is a former tuba-gatherer from Bantayan Island. Previously worked as an OFW in Saudi Arabia, now a full-time blogger sans technical ability.

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