Termination Letter Sample – A Recommendation Letter

Here is a Termination Letter Sample recommending someone to be dismissed.

TERMINATION LETTER SAMPLE – If you are referring someone to be fired or terminated, here’s a sample letter you may use as a guide.

Being in a higher position can give you the right to recommend someone you see undeserving of the job position to be fired or terminated. A termination letter is a notice to an employee that his relationship with the company has come to an end and this must come with valid reasons for it to be effective.

In a recommendation or referral letter to terminate someone in the company, you need to be formal and professional in tone and polite. Provide valid reasons as to why the employee must be dismissed. A  sample letter of this is shown below.

Check out the sample recommendation letter to terminate someone:

Jocel Lopez
Wave 9 Team Leader
JLM Solutions

September 5, 2008

John Rey Abellar
Human Resources Head
JLM Solutions

Dear Mr. Abellar:

I am writing to recommend that Dolly Gomez, call center agent, be dismissed from employment at JLM Solutions.

Miss Gomez has been employed since January 23, 2008, and her responsibilities as an agent include manage large amounts of calls in a timely and effective manner, identify the customer’s needs, research the problem, provide the right solutions for the customers, and meet targets in terms of quality of conversations.

However, since she was hired, she’s had several problems such as being rude to the customers and recorded to be cursing at them multiple times. She cannot meet the required number of calls to have and she’s received negative feedback from numerous customers.

She’s been given two warnings already regarding her poor performance as an agent but remained to be the same. Her performance did not improve and actually committed two consecutive absences that were not signed.

As a result of Ms. Gomez’s continued failure to meet performance expectations, I am recommending that her employment be terminated.

If you need further details about the matter, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Jocel Lopez


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