Pokwang Says the World of Today’s Youths is Shrinking Due to COVID-19

Pokwang Being Aware of the World Today’s Youths is Shrunken Due to COVID-19 Kapamilya actress Pokwang says the world of today’s youths is being shrunken as they were prohibited to go outside due to the threat of the virus. Due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) people’s movement is being limited as the government has implemented … Read more

Volcano Eruptions, Seismic Activities Might Be Experience Worldwide

Volcano Eruptions

Volcano Eruptions Worldwide Volcano eruptions and seismic activities might be experienced by the people worldwide, as it was already happening in some countries. The world is currently suffering from climate change, which raises the concern of most people. Climate change is the changes in the pattern of weather conditions, which has a negative effect on … Read more

EgyptAir Investigation Update

EgyptAir Investigation

EgyptAir Investigation Concludes There Is An Explosion EgyptAir investigation proved that the airbus had an expl0sion, and human remains are one of its strong evidences. A forensic official, who is an Egyptian told reporters that human r3mains are one of the strongest evidence that the pane had crashed because of engine failure, and eventually expl0ded. … Read more

Top Universities In The World 2016

Top Universities

Top Universities With Best Reputation In The World Top Universities of the world is very hard to determine, here is the list that made it to the top. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts Stanford University in Palo Alto, California University of Cambridge in Cambridge, United Kingdom University of Oxford … Read more

7 Reasons Why IT Guys Date Better

7 Reasons Why IT Guys Date Better

7 Reasons Why IT Guys Date Better 7 Reasons Why IT Guys Date Better: Tips and facts why they are way better lovers than others. Sorry guys. It may be something not-so-good for others, or may be stereotypical, but this one is true for some, or to many. He stimulates you intellectually. Programming and creating codes … Read more

First Surviving Triplets Panda In The World Found In China Zoo

Chinese Zoo exposed the first triplets new born panda in the world. This is world’s recorded first triplets panda who were all alive. They are then considered to be a miracle considering that this animal usually had a low reproductive rate. Mother panda is Juxiao which means “chrysanthemum smile.” She delivered the said triplets Guangzhou’s Chimelong Safari Park … Read more

RP: Safe from ACID RAIN

RP: Safe from ACID RAIN

Disputing the spreading rumour that the Philippines is at risk in an acid rain with nuclear radiation mixture due to the explosion in Fukushima plant, the government together with Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said that the Philippines is acid rain free. This is after the growing threat of the radiation effects … Read more