Jose Manalo After Wally Bayola’s Apology: ‘Di nakakabawas ng pagkatao ang pag-sorry’

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Jose Manalo stressed the importance of saying sorry Comedian-host Jose Manalo has this reaction to the public apology that his fellow comedian-host Wally Bayola had after his “pagmumura” on E.A.T. During the August 10 episode of TVJ’s noontime show on TV5, Wally cursed while they were on-air. This received criticism from the online community. Social … Read more

Rendon Labador Lauds MTRCB for Acting Quickly Following Wally Bayola’s Cursing on E.A.T

Rendon Labador

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador Commends MTRCB for Taking Quick Action Following Wally Bayola’s Cursing on E.A.T RENDON LABADOR – The internet personality commends MTRCB for acting quickly following Wally Bayola’s cursing on E.A.T. On August 10, 2023 (Thursday), during the ‘Sugod Bahay Mga Kapatid’ part of an E.A.T. episode that aired live on TV5. One of … Read more

Wally Bayola Cursing Issue, MTRCB Summons E.A.T. For Profanity

Wally Bayola

MTRCB released a “Notice to Appear and Testify” to EAT after the issue of Wally Bayola that earned ire online. Netizens strongly criticized the profane words Wally Bayola said in a noontime show and MTRCB released this. In a previous article, “Sawsawero King” Rendon Labador called out the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board … Read more

Wally Bayola Apologizes For His “Pagmumura” On E.A.T.

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Wally Bayola received criticism after cursing on-air Comedian-host Wally Bayola apologized for his “pagmumura” on TV5’s noontime show E.A.T and admitted that what he did was wrong. Wally spent a lot of years already in the entertainment industry. He is known for his unique humor along with his frequent skit partner Jose Manalo. Throughout his … Read more

Rendon Labador Calls Out MTRCB After Wally Bayola’s Cursing on E.A.T

Rendon Labador

Rendon Labador Slams MTRCB Over Lack of Action Against Wally Bayola’s Cursing on E.A.T The internet personality Rendon Labador criticized the MTRCB after Wally Bayola allegedly used explicit language during an episode of the ‘E.A.T’ segment. On Thursday (August 10, 2023), the ‘Sugod Bahay mga Kapatid’ segment of E.A.T became highly controversial online due to … Read more

Paolo Ballesteros, Wally, & Jose On Loyalty To TVJ: “Hindi mo puwede mabili…”

Paolo Ballesteros

Former EB hosts Paolo Ballesteros, Wally Bayola, and Jose Manalo talk about loyalty. PAOLO BALLESTEROS – JoWaPao allegedly turned down an offer from TAPE and recently, the trio talked about loyalty. Former Eat Bulaga hosts Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, and Paolo Ballesteros were allegedly offered by TAPE to stay based on a previous article. Allegedly, they … Read more

Wally Bayola Reveals TAPE Inc Deducts 30% from His Salary

Wally Bayola Claims 30% of His Salary as Eat Bulaga Being Deducted by TAPE Inc Comedian and former host Wally Bayola revealed that the Television and Production Exponents Inc (TAPE) is deducting 30% from his salary in Eat Bulaga. Former noontime show Eat Bulaga presenter Wally Bayola disclosed his difficulties with TAPE Inc and the … Read more

Eat Bulaga Will Continue Online Via Facebook Live Says Tito Sotto

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Tito Sotto Says Eat Bulaga Will Continue Online Via Facebook Live EAT BULAGA – Long-time host and former senator Tito Sotto said the longest-running variety show in the Philippines, Eat Bulaga will continue online via FB live. After 44 years on television, Eat Bulaga is currently experiencing a great struggle. The show’s three mainstays, Tito … Read more