MMDA Issues Violation Ticket to Dog Inside of Illegally Parked Vehicle


MMDA Confronts Dog Inside of Illegally Parked Vehicle MMDA employees apprehended and act like issuing a violation ticket to the dogs inside of an illegally parked vehicle. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority is an agency of the Republic of the Philippines implementing the planning, monitoring and coordinative functions along the road concerning purely local matters. The agency covers the … Read more

MTPB Enforcer Accepts “Cash” From Hit-and-Run Suspect & Let Him Escape

MTPB Enforcer

Netizens Slam MTPB Enforcer For Accepting “Cash” From Hit-and-Run Suspect & Let Him Escape Without Giving Him Violation Ticket An MTPB enforcer receives criticisms online after accepting cash from a hit-and-run suspect and letting him escape without a violation ticket. Last weekend, the video footage of an SUV trying to run away after it bumped … Read more

Traffic Enforcer Issues Violation Ticket to Ambulance For Alleged Disregarding Traffic Sign

Traffic Enforcer

Traffic Enforcer Apprehends Ambulance For Using Bus Lane A traffic enforcer has issued a violation ticket an ambulance driver for allegedly disregarding the traffic sign. The ambulance is one of the most prioritized vehicles on the road as it transport patients from various locations heading to the nearest hospital or medical center for immediate medical attention. It … Read more

Rude Cop Apprehending Motorists without Violations in Pasay Sacked

Rude Cop in Pasay City Sacked for Apprehending Motorists with Violations Pasay city Chief of police sacked his rude cop after he was caught on camera apprehending motorists without alleged violations. After numerous motorists filed complaints against him, a police officer in Pasay City was sacked. This happened after a cop, named Police Lieutenant Ashley … Read more

Mandaue City LGU Employee Punch Traffic Enforcer Caught on Cam

Mandaue City LGU Employee Elicit Reactions After He Punch Traffic Enforcer Video footage of a rider alleged employee of Mandaue City local government unit (LGU) punch a traffic enforcer who apprehended him. GMA’s Regional TV News shared a closed-circuit television (CCTV) where a motorcycle rider was caught striking a traffic cop, who apprehended him and … Read more

Over 150 Motorists Apprehended in Davao City for Blocking Bike Lanes

Over 150 Motorist in Davao City Blocking Bike Lanes Received Ticket Traffic authorities apprehended more than 150 motorists for allegedly passing, blocking the bike lanes which is only exclusive for bikers in Davao City. Since May, 156 motorists have been arrested for blocking and parking in bike lanes in this city. The apprehended motorists face … Read more

Traffic Enforcer Sacked After Issuing Violation Ticket Not Committed

Traffic Enforcer Sacked Over Violation Ticket to Motorist Not Committed TRAFFIC ENFORCER SACKED – A motorist shares an unjust apprehension of a traffic cop and issuing a ticket for not committed violation. Recently, motorist Miguel Vistan posted a video on Facebook showing a traffic officer named Efren Fria flagging him down for allegedly “beating the … Read more

Toni Fowler Gets Violation Ticket Over Followers’ Flock in Gathering Event

Toni Fowler Meet-and-Greet Event Earned Violation Ticket Due to Followers’ Flock Vlogger Toni Fowler and fifty others get violation ticket after her meet-and-greet was flocked by followers that led to violating gathering protocol. Toni and Mari Fowler, vlogger sisters, never expected their fans to rush their meet-and-greet at their frozen goods business. They allegedly started … Read more

Traffic Enforcer Issues Violation Ticket Towards Delivery Rider for Carrying Cargoes

Traffic Enforcer

Video of Traffic Enforcer Issuing Violation Ticket Towards Delivery Rider for Carrying Cargoes Earns Reactions Online The video footage of a traffic enforcer issuing a violation ticket towards some deliver riders for carrying cargoes elicits comments online. A Facebook user named Eliazromani Rogero has shared the video footage of a traffic enforcer who apprehended them … Read more