Rider Orders Jollibee Foods to Traffic Enforcer Giving Violation Ticket

Rider Orders Jollibee Foods to Traffic Enforcer While Writing on the Violation Ticket

A motorcycle rider goes viral on social media as he mentions Jollibee foods to the traffic enforcer who is writing a violation ticket.

Those responsible for enforcing traffic laws and regulations to guarantee the safety and orderliness of the roadways are known as traffic enforcers. They are often employed by local government entities such as the police department or transportation department and are responsible for controlling traffic flow, preventing accidents, and issuing traffic citations.

A motorist who has committed a traffic violation, such as speeding, running a red light, failing to wear safety equipment, or driving without a valid license, may be issued a violation ticket by a traffic enforcer. The violation ticket informs the driver that they have violated a traffic law or regulation and must either pay a fee or appear in court to contest the ticket.

A traffic enforcer often records information such as the motorist’s identity, vehicle details, the date and time of the violation, the location of the violation, and the type of the infringement before issuing a violation ticket. Elsewhere, a traffic violator appears to mimic a traffic enforcer while receiving a ticket for a violation.

Traffic Enforcer Jollibee Ticket

Boss Zal, a netizen, provided a humorous video of an elderly man getting captured by the enforcer. While the traffic officer is writing the tickets, the elderly motorcycle rider lists delicacies from the famed fast-food business Jollibee’s menu.

The motorbike rider is ordering food from Jollibee, and the traffic enforcer is the waiter who is taking his orders. Instead of whining and looking for opportunities, the rider simply enjoys himself. The enforcer can also be seen smiling while writing in the video.

The video has gone viral on social media, eliciting a wide range of opinions from the online community. Netizens shared amusing comments about making fun of his driving offense.

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