Traffic Enforcer Issues Violation Ticket to Ambulance For Alleged Disregarding Traffic Sign

Traffic Enforcer Apprehends Ambulance For Using Bus Lane

A traffic enforcer has issued a violation ticket an ambulance driver for allegedly disregarding the traffic sign.

The ambulance is one of the most prioritized vehicles on the road as it transport patients from various locations heading to the nearest hospital or medical center for immediate medical attention.

It has flashing warning lights and sirens to indicate that a patient needs to be brought in the nearest hospital as soon as possible. This vehicle saves numerous lives, so it deserves to be given priority in the street.

Traffic Enforcer

A Facebook named Jaymar R. Sebastian has shared the photos of a traffic enforcer who allegedly issued a violation ticket towards an ambulance rider. The post garnered various reactions from the online community

In the photos, it can be seen that the road officer apprehended an ambulance for allegedly disregarding the traffic signs. The enforcer issued a ticket against the driver because the ambulance had no patient during that time.

Sebastian criticized the enforcer for its action because police mobil and MMDA vehicle could freely pass along the bus lane but ambulance could not. It seems that the enforcer prohibits ambulance to use the bus lane.

Traffic Enforcer

Here is the full post:

So bawal pala ang ambulance sa bus lane

Kasi wala naman daw kami sakay

Pero ang mobil ng pulis at mmda pwede.

Paki linawan nga ang pag iisip ko.

Edi natiketan kami ng disregarding traffic sign.

Kasama ng kapatid natin sa statmed

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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