Percy Lapid’s Brother Roy Mabasa Targeted by Fake Accounts

Percy Lapid’s Brother Roy Mabasa Receives Messages from Fake Accounts ROY MABASA – The brother of the slain broadcaster Percy Lapid said that he is being targeted by fake Facebook accounts. In an episode of his radio program, Mabasa said that some Facebook accounts send messages to him allegedly seeking to put him in a … Read more

Rita Gaviola Boyfriend Debunks Claims They Still Rely on Parents

Boyfriend of Rita Gaviola Clarifies Claims that they are Relying on Parents The boyfriend of Rita Gaviola clarified the claims of bashers that they are still relying on their parents despite being parents of one. Rita Gaviola, a.k.a. “Badjao Girl,” and her boyfriend responded to some of their internet detractors in their newest YouTube video. … Read more

Atty Topacio to Help Lolit Solis Against Bashers on Social Media

Lolit Solis Reveals Atty Topacio Will Help Her Against Bashers on Social Media Veteran showbiz columnist Lolit Solis revealed that Atty Ferdinand Topacio is allegedly willing to help against her basher on social media. In an Instagram post on Monday, October 17, Manay Lolit Solis said that Atty Ferdinand “Ferdie” Topacio is prepared to assist … Read more

Korina Sanchez Launches Campaign Against Trolls

korina sanchez

Korina Sanchez will not tolerate trolls anymore Seasoned broadcaster Korina Sanchez launched a campaign to end the happy days of social media trolls. Korina is one of the active celebrities on social media. She is also well-aware of the bashings that a celebrity can get from faceless social media accounts. Just recently, the Rated Korina … Read more

Agot Isidro Thanked DDS Trolls for Being Active Reactors to Her Posts

Agot Isidro Thanked DDS Trolls for Always Reacting to Her Soical Media Posts AGOT ISIDRO – Filipina actress thanked the Duterte Diehard Supporters (DDS) trolls for being active reactors of her social media posts. The veteran actress turned to Twitter to slam the “DDS trolls,” or netizens who support President Rodrigo Duterte’s regime on all … Read more