Korina Sanchez Launches Campaign Against Trolls

Korina Sanchez will not tolerate trolls anymore

Seasoned broadcaster Korina Sanchez launched a campaign to end the happy days of social media trolls.

Korina is one of the active celebrities on social media. She is also well-aware of the bashings that a celebrity can get from faceless social media accounts. Just recently, the Rated Korina host apparently had enough of the mean comments being thrown at her.

korina sanchez
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In one of her recent Instagram posts, she shared a photo that came out when she searched “memes of trolls” on Google. “You know: yung pina-project ka para i-harrass—- kase, well, bayad sila. Their parents must be very proud of them na ang income nila is to inflict lies and misery on other innocent people. Poor parents who put them through school. And these kids get hired by crooks who are just… EVIL, I guess,” she wrote in the caption of her post.

Korina Sanchez explained that trolls are those being hired and orchestrated by people who can’t say the fierce words they want to say to a person. She also cited some possible reasons why trolls are doing the bashing.

For her, this is pathetic. Despite her experience with the trolls, Korina is still hopeful that they can do better. “Ang ganda pa naman ng buhay sana. I guess hanggang doon nalang sila? I hope not. I still believe in the good in people. But Ive lived long enough to know some people are just… INSANE,” she said.

In her caption, Korina Sanchez also encouraged netizens to send an email to her if they are also victims of trolls. She stressed that there are legal and administrative remedies for this. The seasoned broadcaster also said that they can put the trolls in jail but she said, “Hiyain muna natin nang todo bago pakulong.”

She added that she is currently working with the Senate regarding this matter. Korina Sanchez also shared tips on how to deal with trolls and they can even talk about it in private. “Let the devils stay in hell, right? Let’s put them back there,” she said.


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