Jennylyn Mercado & How She Handled Offending “Artista Ka Lang” Statement

Kapuso actress Jennylyn Mercado on how she dealt offensive remark.

JENNYLYN MERCADO – Kapuso singer and actress Jennylyn Mercado clapped back to this basher who told her “Artista ka lang” online.

Critics are just everywhere and in just around the corners of social media. They attack and criticize as if the one they are judging on got no feelings. Celebrities, politicians, and among other famous personalities are often the subject of this. And just recently, Jennylyn Mercado got attacked but has this approach in clapping back to the person behind the keyboard.

The basher told her not to express her opinion on matters because she’s just a celebrity. She’s just rather act or sing instead of saying such things. The statement added, “Hello wala kang alam. Artista ka lang. Umarte o kumanta ka na lang.”

In a Facebook post, Jennylyn expressed what she felt after receiving such insult and offensive remark about her being a person and being a celebrity at the same time. She asked what’s wrong with her for not having the right to express her own opinion.

Jennylyn Mercado

She stressed that being an artist does not mean being in silence and having no freedom to speak for themselves and for others using their platforms. What’s just the line drawn to expressing one’s opinion is that it should come from a credible source and it makes sense.

The actress added that for her, it is actually good for everyone to discuss things with others because that’s how one learns new things and know new details. And by that, this should come with respect because not everyone has the same thoughts as you.

She could just hope that people would choose to be “kind to one another” instead of personally attacking them with offensive statements and hurtful words.

Jennylyn Mercado


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