Sarah Lahbati Flexes New Car, Netizens React

In a new post, Sarah Lahbati gets a new car and these are the various comments.

Actress-model Sarah Lahbati flexes her new car delivered in style in a new post and her followers have these comments.

The “gastadora” remark became a running joke between actress Sarah Lahbati and her followers online. This was after Annabelle Rama made claims and shared some revelations amid the separation issue of the actress and Richard Gutierresz.

In a previous article, Annabelle expressed intriguing statements and said, “Nakikita mo naman, hindi mo na kailangang magsalita pa. Nakikita mo na yan. Si Richard trabaho nang trabaho, ‘yung isa nagwawaldas ng pera. ‘Yun lang ang masasabi ko diyan.”

Many people reacted to the “waldas” remark and people online have various reactions. However, some of them believed that there’s nothing wrong about Sarah spending the money of her husband as she was the one whose career was cut short after she got pregnant.

They also believed that it’s just okay for Sarah, as a wife, to spend her husband’s money. Moreover, it is not possible for Sarah to run out of money for despite being away from the limelight, she has some acting offers and endorsements.

Previously, Sarah got involved in an accident. Her new car was damaged but fortunately, she and the people she was with in the car were safe. As a replacement to that car, she another one in the color of Soul Red Crystal.

According the car brand’s website, the price of this car starts at Php 1,990,000 and hers was “delivered in style” based on her caption.

This post with her new car caught the attention of her followers and the joke about her being “gastadora” has emerged again in the comment section.

Here are some comments:


Kung may asawa ako gagastusin ko din pera niya. Bakit ba haha 🔥

Napka gastador mo talaga Sarah Ok yan bwahhahahahaha

Love it!!!! So elegantly gastosera! My spirit animal 🔥🥰🫠💖🫶🏻

Of course he needs to take care of her ! She gave him 2 beautiful kids , hard to be a mom and a working wife , !!!

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