Sarah Lahbati Reaction To “Waldas” Comment Amid Controversies

Amid the rumors, Sarah Lahbati remains silent, but she reacted when a netizen commented on this.

Actress-model Sarah Lahbati has this reaction to this “waldas pa more” comment of a netizen amid the issues and rumors.

Amid Sarah and Richard’s rumored separation, famous personality Annabelle Rama made some strong statements. She knows something about this as her son has been staying with her for a month.

She expressed that she cannot tell the truth yet as advised by their lawyers but the time will come when the people will be informed.

A part of Annabelle’s statement said, “Nakikita mo naman, hindi mo na kailangang magsalita pa. Nakikita mo na yan. Si Richard trabaho nang trabaho, ‘yung isa nagwawaldas ng pera. ‘Yun lang ang masasabi ko diyan.”

Despite the strong statements from her mother-in-law, the actress maintained her silence. In a previous article, she was asked about the circulating issues about their family but Sarah insisted that she’d rather not talk about anything concerning her personal life.

Recently, in a new post, Sarah was showcasing some of her items from a luxury brand in a video but it looked like it was for promotional purposes. It was captioned, “treat yourself this holiday season.”

This caught the attention of many and one netizen has this comment in reference to what her mother-in-law has said. The comment says, “Waldas pa more 😂”

The actress did not reply with words but she did reply with a laughing emoji.

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Sarah Lahbati Post

Meanwhile, there were rumors that Richard’s mother was involved in the split. Annabelle addressed the rumor and stressed that she had no involvement in the split. Accordingly, the mess started when the parents of the actress arrived in the country and that the public will accordingly be surprised because she is not the “kontrabida” in this story.

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