Netizen Shares Experience With Laglag Susi Gang

Laglag Susi Gang

A Netizen Named Charlon Paul Shares His Encounter With Laglag Susi Gang A netizen named Charlon Paul has uploaded a video of his experience with the Laglag Susi Gang, who stole his phone and money. Nowadays, the rate of crime continues to increase not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all over … Read more

Robbery: Two Ladies Seized 11K From An Old Woman


Robbery of two ladies caught on CCTV, 11 thousand was seized from the old woman. ROBBERY – Two ladies were caught on the recorded video of a Closed-circuit Television or CCTV camera stealing away 11 thousand pesos from an old lady in a supermarket. Stealing, as we all know, is considered to be as a … Read more

Robbery Caught On CCTV Camera


A woman is wanted for robbery under broad daylight which was caught by a CCTV camera. ROBBERY – A woman was caught in a Closed-Circuit Television camera or also known as CCTV robbing the box of groceries of another woman. According to the video posted and shared on the Facebook account of Bebing Dinas Rivera, … Read more

Would Be Victim Outsmarts Robber with Fast Response

There is no safest place today. Even in your homes, your safety is at risk. So it is better if you are alert every time, wherever you are.  Knowing the best things that could help you avoid any avoid incidents. When you drive a public utility vehicle, you would not know that thieves are also … Read more