Thief Fails Robbery After Beaten Up by Store Saleswoman with Adult Toy

Thief Beaten Up with Adult Toy by a Russian Store Saleswoman

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage shows a robbery attempt failed after the thief was beaten up with an adult toy by the store saleswoman.

An armed robber targeted an adult shop in the Russian city of Novokuznetsk, which is part of the Kemerovo Oblast. When the masked burglar entered the business and brandished a small knife, the saleswoman, whose name has not been revealed, was working late.

Thief Beaten by Adult Toy

The authenticity of the tape is unknown, and authorities have yet to clarify whether or not they are investigating an incident at the store. The suspect allegedly demanded money from the store’s cash register, but the brave saleswoman chased him away with a huge double-ended “dildo” (adult toy).

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The huge toy is intended for two ladies to use together or for one woman to use alone. The video, which has 135,000 views on the social media platform VK, shows the woman working behind the counter when the masked man arrives.

He appears to be brandishing a tiny knife at the saleswoman as he approaches her. With her right hand, the employee pretends to bend down to fetch something while discreetly sliding her left towards a rubber dildo on the counter.

Thief Beaten by Adult Toy

She grabs the long toy and whacks the burglar in the head with it, then chases him out of the store. Despite the danger, the woman remains calm after the ‘robber’ leaves and does not appear to shut the door behind her. The attempted robbery resulted in no money being taken and no one is injured, according to the report.

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