Muntinlupa Cashless Distribution Criticized Over Influx at Remittance Center

Muntinlupa Cashless Cash Aid Distribution Causes Influx at Remittance Center The online community has criticized the cashless move of the Muntinlupa local government for the distribution of cash aid due to influx at the remittance center. Muntinlupa City’s municipal government recently announced that the delivery of financial aid will be cashless in order to avoid … Read more

Quezon City Police Holdup a Remittance Center in Bulacan Arrested

QC Police Arrested after He Holdup a Remittance Center in Bulacan Alleged police of Quezon City (QC) was arrested by his co-police after he conducted a holdup to a remittance center in Bulacan. A man wearing a helmet robbed a remittance center in San Miguel, Bulacan. During the follow-up operation, however, the holdaper was apprehended … Read more

SAP Beneficiaries Waited Overnight to Claim Second Tranche of Aid

SAP Beneficiaries in Rizal Spend Overnight Just Second Tranche of Cash Aid Social Amelioration Program (SAP) beneficiaries have to spend overnight in the queue line just to claim the second tranche of the financial aid. Beneficiaries of Social Amelioration Program has spent overnight on Gate 2, Antipolo City in Rizal just to claim the second … Read more

Moroccan Bullies Pinay OFW Over Line In Remittance Center


Moroccan Bullies Pinay OFW Over Line In Remittance Center The video of a Moroccan bullying a Pinay Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) over their line in a remittance enter is now making rounds online. Nowadays, Racism is one of the major concerns of our fellow countrymen working abroad fearing that they might experience discrimination. Recently, a … Read more