YOUTUBE VLOGGERS – Biggest Pinoy & Foreigner Vloggers

YouTube Vloggers

Here are just some of the biggest YouTube vloggers. YOUTUBE VLOGGERS – Here is the list of some of the biggest Pinoy and foreign vloggers with the widest of reach in terms of subscriptions. Video bloggers are the people who have made a wide following on the internet. They make videos and post it in … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Vlogs: How Much Does She Earns As A Vlogger?

Alex Gonzaga Vlogs

Alex Gonzaga vlogs earning. ALEX GONZAGA VLOGS – The actress and video vlogger Alex Gonzaga explains her earnings through her successful video blogs. The YouTube channel of the Kapamilya actress and host Alex Gonzaga now has an accumulated views of 242,659,071 from her 83 uploaded videos. She joined last July 18, 2017, and now, she … Read more