Jamill House Tour: Official House Tour Of Famous Vloggers Ja Mill

Here’s Jamill house tour.

JAMILL HOUSE TOUR – Here is the official house tour of the newly-finished “Ja-Mansion” abode of famous local video bloggers Ja Mill.

Famous online and real-life lovers Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad also called as and known as Ja Mill. They have become controversial and trending once for lying over a content for their viewers. They did the 3 A.M. challenge but it was just actually 9 in the evening. The real time showed when the phone of Camille’s sister lit up and it was caught on camera.


However, this controversy paved way for them to their success. With their continuous vlogging and owning up their mistakes, they are now among the highest paid vloggers in the Philippines and also among the most-followed for that matter.

With their hard-work and sacrifice, they finally reaped what they sow – their dream house has now become a reality. They were very hands on with the construction and building of it coming from the designs, materials, colors, furniture, and everything from ground up. Jayzam was the one who draw it and Camille did the interior designing. It was a team work and the real relationship goals.

Watch the video below:


Here are some comments:

Grazel Solquillo: Camille is soooo wifey material, she knows whats best. Having a woman like her, you can make it through life

Pretty Amador: Nakaka inspired and super happy ako sainyo 😇 lahat ng meron kayo deserved nyo yan! Pinaghirapan nyo nyan

Mark Lester Toniza: I am not their fan. But seeing how they went so far made me feel very proud of them. God bless to the both of u 💗

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