Alleged Victim of Radio Technologist’s Harassment Speaks Out After Being Offered Free ECG

Alleged Victim Slams Radio Technologist Over Harassment Act

An alleged victim of a radio technologist’s harassment speaks out after being offered of free ECG at a hospital in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Trembling and in tears, a 22-year-old patient came forward to report an incident of alleged harassment by a radio technologist at a hospital in Novaliches, Quezon City yesterday. The victim recounted the disturbing encounter to the police, detailing the inappropriate actions taken by the suspect.

According to the victim, she initially visited the hospital for an X-ray examination on June 25. When she returned to collect the results on June 27, the suspect offered her a free electrocardiogram (ECG), claiming it was necessary due to her noticeably pale complexion.

Alleged Victim

The patient declined the offer and expressed her intention to pay for the ECG herself, but the suspect insisted. Subsequently, she was taken to the X-ray room and instructed to remove her upper garments without being provided a hospital gown.

As the victim lay down, the suspect engaged in lascivious acts. Overwhelmed, the victim screamed and quickly left the room.

The personnel of QCPD Station 4 promptly apprehended the suspect, who admitted to the crime. Authorities suspect that the victim may not be the first to experience such harassment from the suspect.

Alleged Victim

The victim encourages other potential victims to come forward and report to Station 4, urging them to gather the courage to seek justice. Meanwhile, the suspect expressed remorse and offered an apology, stating his willingness to make amends.

QCPD advises other victims of similar crimes not to hesitate in approaching their office for assistance in pursuing justice. They currently hold custody of the suspect, who will face charges of acts of lasciviousness.

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Alleged Victim

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