Naughty Guy Arrested for Playing w/ Dextrose Bags Connected to Patients

A naughty guy was arrested by police authorities for playing with dextrose bags connected to patients inside a hospital.

A young man tampered with the dextrose of patients inside a hospital trying to speed up the flow of medical fluids. His inappropriate act disrupted the hospital’s efforts to provide proper medical care and even posed a risk to the patient’s health.

Man Arrested for Tampering Patients’ Dextrose & Speed Up Flow of Medical Fluids

Police Authorities Arrest Naughty Man for His Mischievous Act in Hospital

A young man was arrested after intentionally tampering with patients’ dextrose bags, thinking it would make the flow faster.

Dextrose is a type of sugar that our bodies use for energy. It is often a clear liquid and is given to people through a tube into their veins. This process is known as intravenous (IV) therapy.

When someone is sick or unable to eat, their body might need extra help to get the energy it needs. Dextrose provides a quick and easily absorbed source of energy.


Dextrose isn’t just about sugar; it also helps the body absorb water. This is important because staying hydrated is essential for our overall health.

Recently, the Facebook page Sky Teleradyo M’lang” shared a photo of a man who has been arrested for tampering with the dextrose of patients inside a hospital. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

The man allegedly sneaked into the hospital and tampered with the dextrose bags connected to patients, attempting to speed up the flow of medical fluids.


The irresponsible act not only posed a risk to the patient’s health but also disrupted the hospital’s efforts to provide proper medical care. Hospital staff probably detected the man’s actions, leading to his quick arrest.

The motive behind the man’s actions remains unclear, and authorities are investigating the incident to ensure the safety of patients in the hospital.

The photo was originally posted by a netizen named Jun Villasoto.

Tampering with medical equipment seriously threatens patients’ well-being, and it is important for everyone to respect the rules and regulations in healthcare facilities. Hospitals are places where people go to receive medical care, and such irresponsible actions can have serious consequences.

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The arrested man will be facing legal consequences for his actions, as tampering with medical equipment is a serious offense.

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