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“Serial Killer” Allegedly Wandering in Manila is Fake News – MPD

MPD Clarifies Claims Circulating Online About “Serial Killer” in Manila are Fake News Manila Police District (MPD) clarified the claims circulating on social media about an alleged “serial killer” wandering in Manila are fake news. PBGen Andre Dizon, Director of the MPD, delivers a statement to clarify the claims making the rounds on social media. … Read more

2 Brgy Chairmen, 20 Kagawads Included in “Narco-List” in Manila

2 Brgy Chairmen, 20 Kagawads Under Monitoring After Included in “Narco-list” The authorities are monitoring 2 barangay chairmen and 20 kagawads after they were involved in the narco-list. The Manila Police District (MPD) is actively investigating barangay leaders for alleged involvement in illegal drug operations. Brigadier General Andre Dizon, Director of the MPD, declined to … Read more

Printing Shop Owner Arrested for Selling Fake Driver’s Licenses

Printing Shop Owner Producing Fake Driver’s Licenses Arrested Police authorities arrested a printing shop owner for allegedly producing and selling fake driver’s licenses. Officers from the Manila Police District (MPD) arrested the proprietor of a printing firm and five others in Sta. Cruz is located in Manila. According to the article, the arrested owner’s name … Read more

Drunk Chinese National Runs Amok, Attacks Taxi Drivers

Drunk Chinese National Allegedly Runs Amok and Attacks Taxi Drivers Authorities arrested a Chinese national who has drunk allegedly after he allegedly runs amok and attacked taxi drivers. An intoxicated Chinese national was brought to the Manila Police District (MPD) headquarters. This after two taxi drivers alleged that the foreigner attacked them while on the … Read more

3 Manila Cops Caught Sleeping on Duty During Surprise Inspection

3 Manila Cops Scolded After Caught Sleeping While on Duty Three Manila Police District (MPD) cops were scolded by Director PBGen Andre Dizon after being caught sleeping while on duty. the MPD Director reprimanded and transferred the three sleeping officers to a new location following their discovery of soundly dozing off while on duty. Around … Read more

Manila Policeman Helps Pregnant Woman to Give Birth

Manila Policeman

Manila Policeman Assists Pregnant Woman to Deliver Child at Home MANILA, Philippines – A kind-hearted Manila policeman helped a pregnant woman to deliver her child at home. Police officers are warranted law employees who were in charge of apprehending suspects and preventing crimes. They were tasked to implement the rules and regulations in the country … Read more

MPD Recovers 20 Service Firearms from AWOL, Dismissed Policemen

20 Service Firearms were Recovered from AWOL, Dismissed Policemen of MPD The Manila Police District (MPD) has recovered twenty (20) service firearms from Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL) and dismissed policemen. According to the MPD report, they have recovered around 20 service guns from their staff who were discharged for a variety of reasons. PMaj … Read more

Fake MTPB Enforcer Arrested for Selling MTPB, Government Stickers

Man Identified as Fake MTPB Enforcer Arrested for Selling Government Stickers Authorities arrested a man who was discovered as a fake Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) enforcer for selling government stickers. The Manila Police Department (MPD) apprehended a guy acting as an MTPB employee on Friday. According to the story, the culprit was apprehended … Read more

Police, Cohort Arrested After Accused of Kidnapping Incident in Manila

Manila Police, Cohort Nabbed Over Reported Kidnapping Incident Authorities arrested a police and his cohort after they were reportedly involved in a kidnapping incident that occurred in Manila. According to a report from the Manila Police Department, an active police officer was arrested in Paco, Manila, and accused of kidnapping with his colleague. Patrolman Wilfredo … Read more