Printing Shop Owner Arrested for Selling Fake Driver’s Licenses

Printing Shop Owner Producing Fake Driver’s Licenses Arrested

Police authorities arrested a printing shop owner for allegedly producing and selling fake driver’s licenses.

Officers from the Manila Police District (MPD) arrested the proprietor of a printing firm and five others in Sta. Cruz is located in Manila. According to the article, the arrested owner’s name is Neil Jadonet, 54.

Printing Shop Driver's licenses

Meanwhile, his associates were apprehended: Orlando Dulay, 52; Christian Bejec, 28; Bernabe Grajo, 39; Dinalyn Coquia, 40; and Alice Braga, 30. The Manila Police District-Special Operations Unit set up an entrapment at the suspects’ printing company on Recto Avenue, based on the report.

The operation was conducted in response to a complaint that the suspects were selling fraudulent Land Transportation Office (LTO) or “talahib” licenses. The police undercover buyers were able to effectively make and purchase false licenses from the accused in order to arrest them.

A P500 marked money used in the operation, a false driver’s license, two receipts, a mobile phone, and two placards used to indicate the document they will make were confiscated from the suspects. At the Manila City Prosecutors Office, the suspects are charged with violating Article 172 of the Revised Penal Code, often known as Falsification of Public Documents.

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