2 Brgy Chairmen, 20 Kagawads Included in “Narco-List” in Manila

2 Brgy Chairmen, 20 Kagawads Under Monitoring After Included in “Narco-list”

The authorities are monitoring 2 barangay chairmen and 20 kagawads after they were involved in the narco-list.

The Manila Police District (MPD) is actively investigating barangay leaders for alleged involvement in illegal drug operations. Brigadier General Andre Dizon, Director of the MPD, declined to divulge the names of the suspects to the public.

Chairmen Kagawads Narco-list

Dizon stated that the aforementioned barangay leaders are on the PNP and Philippine Narcotics Enforcement Agency’s drug radar (PDEA). This is part of the current government and police push to eradicate illegal substances from society.

Those in positions of power, in particular those who may be personally participating in the operation or act as protectors of the syndicates. The general previously challenged candidates in the upcoming Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections in October to first pass a drug test to verify that they are free of illegal substances.

Based on the report, it will also be remembered that the MPD compiled a “narco-list” of barangay leaders suspected of involvement in illegal drug operations before to the May 2018 barangay elections.

Meanwhile, Candelaria town police in Quezon province detained a former drug offender early Tuesday, Feb. 7, and seized more than P520,000 in shabu. The suspect was identified as a street-level individual on the drug blacklist.

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