Echo Overpowers Blacklist in PH vs PH M4 Grand Final Match

Echo Dominates Blacklist International in the Grand Final Match in M4 Echo esports overpowered former champion Blacklist International after facing each other at the grand finals of M4. Echo Philippines swept the defending world champions after falling short in the local league and at one point on the world stage. Echo wins 4-0 versus the … Read more

Alden Richards Unveils His Own Esports Team

Alden Richards, Myriad Esports 2

Alden Richards Creates Own Esports Team ALDEN RICHARDS – Kapuso actor Alden Richards builds his own esports team called Myriad Esports. Kapuso actor and product endorser Alden Richards is known as “Asia’s Multimedia Star.” His talent and charm paved his way to success. He is also beloved in the industry because of his generosity and … Read more

Blacklist International Spoils NXPE AkoSiDogie Debut In MPL Season 10

Blacklist International Versus NXPE

MPL Season 10 starts and on the lead is Blacklist International which just recently defeated NXPE. BLACKLIST INTERNATIONAL – Batute, LanceCy, and Kzen debut in MPL Season 10 but Blacklist International spoils their victory. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League’s 10th season has started and on the lead on the standing board is the Blacklist … Read more

Most Picked Heroes in Mobile Legends

Most Picked Heroes

10 Most Picked Heroes in ML that Cause Big Damage Most Picked heroes in Mobile Legends ‘Bang-Bang’ that can cause big damages and consist of skills that will surely help you to win the game. Since its 2016 release, Bang Bang (MLBB) has amassed over 100 million downloads and is still growing. It’s hardly surprising … Read more

Man in Critical Condition After Stabbed by Friend Playing Mobile Game

Man Stabbed After Enterffering Drunk Friend Playing Mobile Game A man in Aklan was sent to critical condition after being stabbed by his friend playing a mobile game during their drinking session. A drinking session in East Numancia, Aklan province, evolved into a stabbing incident due to the victim’s interaction with the suspect who was … Read more

2 Gamer Shot in Cotabato City Over Dispute on Mobile Legends Betting

Dispute on Betting on Mobile Legends Resulted to Shooting vs 2 Gamers in Cotabato City Two (2) gamers suffered gunshot wounds after being shot in Cotabato city allegedly due to the betting dispute on the online game Mobile Legends. Two individuals were hurt after a firefight ended a Mobile Legends game in Cotabato City recently. … Read more

Handsome Pinoy Gaming Streamers Stealing Hearts Online

Pinoy Gaming Streamers

Here are some famous Pinoy Gaming streamers who are catching attention online. PINOY GAMING STREAMERS – Meet some of the handsome and stealing hearts gaming streamers based here in the Philippines. Game streaming in the Philippines seems like gaining much success in terms of viewership, most especially during the pandemic. It has turned as a … Read more