Most Picked Heroes in Mobile Legends

10 Most Picked Heroes in ML that Cause Big Damage

Most Picked heroes in Mobile Legends ‘Bang-Bang’ that can cause big damages and consist of skills that will surely help you to win the game.

Since its 2016 release, Bang Bang (MLBB) has amassed over 100 million downloads and is still growing. It’s hardly surprising that the game has 80 published heroes as of this writing given the vast number of players it has worldwide. This article will help you choose the next hero you should buy.

We’ve produced a list of the best heroes for each role in the current meta and a detailed justification for why you should buy each one. So you no longer need to spend hours looking through results to find the Mobile Legends players’ current favorites.

10. Zilong

Who, in all honestly, chooses Zilong? You will always run into an ally or an enemy playing Zilong, regardless of what rank you are playing.

Although it is fairly simple to operate, this fighter does a ton of damage. Because to his low ban record, he is well-liked among gamers. This implies that you can choose Zilong in a rank game with confidence and effortlessly rule the battlefield without worrying about being blacklisted.

9. Hylos

Most Picked Heroes
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Hylos is without a doubt one of the most popular tank choices. Because he has excellent crowd control abilities and receives additional HP for each mana he acquires, this hero is everyone’s favorite. Hylos has the most HP of any hero out there because to this quality.

In particular, against less mobile heroes like Layla, Gord, and Estes, Hylos is always a wise choice. He can also quickly stun primary damage dealers, increasing the likelihood that the team would prevail in the fight.

8. Argus

One of Mobile Legends’ top warriors and most picked heroes is still Argus. Argus has an ultimate that will undoubtedly keep him from dying, even if he must go close to an enemy to deliver damage.

Argus is a fantastic choice to face off against heroes like Aamon and Aldous because of his durability throughout a game. According to the report of Gamers Decide that players are now lot more interested in playing Argus, especially since he recently received significant enhancements.

7. Natalia

After remaining in the bushes, Natalia turns invisible, making her the ideal candidate for ganking targets. She is also highly powerful against weak heroes, and even with a full HP, she might easily defeat them!

Natalia frequently attacks heroes like Layla and Irithel. You can always count on her throughout late games because she is a hard hero to kill and track down. Choose Natalia if you wish to use an assassin who can defeat any marksman and mage.

6. Hanzo

Due to his expertise in rapid farming, Hanzo is one of the most popular choices. He has an advantage over other junglers because he is skilled enough to devour a jungle monster.

Most picked heroes is Hanzo as he is forced to assault opponents outside of his body by his ultimate. This can be a good skill to cast, especially against heroes with limited mobility, as only the body left behind can kill him. Hanzo is best employed for chasing down damage dealers and for poking adversaries during a team fight. You can just leave your body in the bushes and then fight your adversaries, so you won’t have to worry about being pursued!

5. Selena

You can expect to be challenged throughout the entire game if you battle an enemy named Selena. Selena is capable of setting traps to either assault an enemy or gain vision of the area. She has a trap, and if you fall into it, you’ll be damaged and rendered immobile.

Selena is frequently chosen by players since he has the longest stun duration of any hero. She excels at neutralizing heroes with limited mobility or damage dealers without escape talents. Selena can also be used against characters like Odette or Pharsa who have an ultimate skill that prohibits them from walking.

4. Karina

Karina is one of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang assassins who deals Magic Damage. The report mentioned that She has just been changed in the game due to her poor pick rate in MLBB ranked matches. This has resulted in fresh alterations to Karina’s appearance, abilities, and skills, making her more deadlier than before.

3. Valentina

As a result of her deadly powers, Valentina is one of the most popular heroes. She is a mage hero with the ability to mimic the chosen target’s ultimate. She assumes the form of that hero and mimics the assault after casting the stolen ultimate.

Players fight for Valentina because she is a particularly difficult foe. She may occasionally be immediately banned at the draft choice to prevent anyone from utilizing her. She is always a good choice because of her abilities to easily upset the makeup of the other squad.

2.  Roger

One of the most powerful heroes in the Land of Dawn right now is Roger. Roger is frequently chosen by players due of his wide range of skills. You can use Roger to cast spells in either his wolf or human forms.

His basic attacks have a specific percentage slowdown on adversaries while he is in human form. His basic attack will do additional damage in the wolf form equivalent to 5% of an enemy’s lost HP. This implies that Roger’s damage increases as your opponent’s HP decreases.

1. Lancelot

Most Picked Heroes
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The most popular hero in recent months is Lancelot. He is a talented assassin who causes enormous damage, particularly to weak damage dealers.

Lancelot has the ability to blink a short distance with his initial ability. Additionally, Lancelot is extremely deadly and powerful because he always attacks an enemy that hasn’t been hit before.

Imagine Lancelot’s maximal damage output against his adversaries, as his passive boosts his damage every time he uses his blink talent. He is challenging to target due to the quickness of his assaults.

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