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Pokwang Is Not Reconciling W/ Ex-partner Lee O’Brian

Pokwang, Lee O'Brian

Pokwang Says She’s Not Reconciling W/ Ex-partner Lee O’Brian POKWANG – Marietta Subong, known professionally as Pokwang said she is not reconciling with former partner Lee O’Brian. To recall, Lee O’Brian and Pokwang first met in 2014 through the film Edsa Woolworth. For many years, Lee was inactive in acting endeavors while the actress continued … Read more

Pokwang Shares Video Of Man Talking About “Deadbeat”


Pokwang Reposts Video Of A Guy Talking About “Deadbeat” Dads POKWANG – Kapuso comedian Marietta Subong a.k.a. Pokwang shared a video of a guy taking about “deadbeat” dads. For a few months now, Pokwang and Lee O’Brian’s split has been a hot topic. According to the comedian, her former partner neglected to provide for their … Read more

Pokwang Congratulates Lee O’Brian on His New Love: “Deserve nya yan yeheeeyy”

Pokwang Reacts on Ex-partner Lee O’Brian who Allegedly Found His New Love Comedienne Pokwang congratulates foreigner ex-partner Lee O’Brian who allegedly found his new love life. Marietta Subong, also known as Pokwang, recently revealed the relationship status of her ex-partner Lee O’Brian. This Sunday, April 2, 2023, the comedienne-host published what appeared to be a … Read more

Pokwang To Change Daughter Malia’s Surname

Pokwang, Malia O'Brian

Pokwang Wants To Change Daughter Malia’s Last Name POKWANG – Actress Marietta Subong a.k.a Pokwang revealed she wanted to change the surname of her daughter Malia. Pokwang and Lee O’Brian separated in November 2021. But it was only made public in July 2022. In recent weeks, the actress revealed that Lee has another woman. She … Read more

Lee O’Brian Should Leave The Philippines Says Pokwang

Lee O'Brian, Pokwang

Pokwang Advices Lee O’Brian To Leave the Philippines POKWANG – Marietta Subong, known professionally as Pokwang, wanted ex-partner Lee O’Brian to leave the country. Pokwang’s feelings for his ex-partner are deep as she enters the year 2023. She and Lee O’Brian separated in November 2021 but it was only made public in July 2022. On … Read more

Kris Bernal Reacts To Pokwang & Lee O’Brian’s Split

Kris Bernal, Pokwang, Lee O'Brian

Pokwang & Lee O’Brian Split Issue; Kris Bernal Reacts KRIS BERNAL – Actress Kris Bernal recently shared her thoughts on Pokwang and Lee O’Brian’s split. On Friday, February 3, Marietta Subong, known professionally as Pokwang revealed the real reason she ended her relationship with American actor Lee O’Brian. The Kapuso actress-host said in an interview … Read more

Pokwang Discloses She Kicked Ex-partner Out Of Her House

Pokwang, Lee O'Brian 1

Lee O’Brian Kicked Out Of Pokwang’s House POKWANG – Actress and host Marietta Subong a.k.a. Pokwang revealed she kicked her ex-partner Lee O’Brian out of her house. Pokwang announced her split from Lee O’Brian in July of last year and has been co-parenting Malia with him since then. The Kapuso actress-host stressed at the time … Read more

Pokwang Shares Aga Muhlach Mistaken Her as Gay on Their Movie

Pokwang Says Aga Muhlach Allegedly Though She Was Gay Actress and comedienne Pokwang shared that actor Aga Muhlach previously mistook her as gay when she enters showbiz. Marietta Subong or popularly known as Pokwang reveals her poor origins before becoming an actress in the second segment of Ogie Diaz’s vlog. She reflected on her upbringing … Read more

Pokwang Recalls Time When Her 5-Year-Old Son Died


Pokwang shared this painful past Kapuso comedienne Pokwang recalled the time when her 5-year-old son named Shin died amid other difficulties she was facing. Pokie or Marietta Subong in real life is one of the popular comediennes nowadays. From being a stand-up comedienne in bars, she was able to penetrate that mainstream media. Pokie has … Read more