VIDEO: Pokwang Cringed After Watching This Content Creator Eating Sardinas

Pokwang React To Tito Mars “Sardinas Eating Challenge

POKWANG – Comedian Pokwang couldn’t help but react to a content creator who felt disgusted while eating canned sardines.

Marietta Subong, better known by her stage name Pokwang, is a renowned Filipina entertainer celebrated for her work as an actress, comedian, and TV host. She began her career performing in comedy bars and swiftly gained popularity for her exceptional comedic talent.

Previously affiliated with ABS-CBN, Pokwang transitioned to GMA during the pandemic. Among her well-known films are “Call Center,” “A Mother’s Story,” and “Edsa Woolworth.” She is a mother to two daughters, Mae and Malia. Her separation from Lee O’Brian has generated considerable attention on social media.


Pokie believes that children are not obligated to support their parents in their later years. In an Instagram story, she emphasized that if her children have fulfilling lives, they shouldn’t worry about taking care of her.

Just recently, Pokwang couldn’t help but react to a content creator who was disgusted by canned sardines.

Recently, a vlogger named Tito Mars showcased his “Sardinas Eating Challenge,” saying many had requested it and he had never tasted sardines before.


We watched the video where the content creator almost gagged, complained about the smell, and covered his nose before taking a bite of the sardines. It seems Pokwang also saw this video and subtly called out the vlogger on social media.

Although the comedian didn’t mention any names, she strongly criticized him in an Instagram post.

“Walang problema kung ayaw mo sa isang pagkain pero ‘yung umarte ka at umasta na para bang diring-diri ka sa uri ng pagkain na ‘yun…napaka insensitive mo ha,” she wrote.

She added, “Mga tao talaga ngayon makagawa lang ng content kahit mawalan na ng pusong tao walang pakialam for the views!!!!! Very evil!!!”

“May kabayaran lahat ‘yan hindi pa ngayon, pero binibilang ni God ‘yan pati mga panglalalit niyo,” she said, adding the hashtag “Umayon sa itsura ang kaartehan.”

Apart from that, Pokwang even revealed in the video how much she likes sardines, which have served as his “comfort food” for a long time.

Pokwang also mentioned her Fil-Am daughter, Malia also loves eating sardines.


Watch the video below:

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