Pokemon Fan Flexed His Mom “Sa sobrang supportive niya, lahat binibili n’ya for me”

Pokemon Fan

Pokemon Fan Flexed His Supportive Mom Supporting his Hobby A staunch Pokemon fan has flexed his beloved mom for supporting him “Sa sobrang supportive niya, lahat binibili n’ya for me”. Pokémon is a Japanese media franchise managed by The Pokémon Company, founded by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures created by Satoshi Tajiri way back in … Read more

Depressed Man Sets Wife on Fire After Losing His Job in Cavite

Man who Got Depressed After Losing His Job Sets Wife on Fire in Cavite A depressed man sets his own wife on fire due to a quarrel after he allegedly lost his job in Silang, Cavite. A 46-year-old man in Silang, Cavite, poured thinner on his live-in partner and set fire to him due to … Read more

Man Died After Exchanging Gunshots with Police in Quezon City

Man Killed After Receiving Gunshots from Police in Quezon City An armed man was killed on the spot after allegedly exchanging gunshots with police officers in Quezon City. The man died on the spot after shooting back at the police in Brgy Doa Imelda, Quezon City. According to Police Major Octavio English Jr, the man … Read more

Man Goes Viral After Pouring Powdered Milk on ‘Dinuguan’: “Kala ko champorado”


Man Mistook Bowl of ‘Dinuguan’ for Champorado A funny man goes viral and earns reactions online after pouring powdered milk on ‘dinuguan‘: “Kala ko champorado”. Pork blood stew or locally known as “Dinuguan” is a delicious stew that frequently includes meat and other pork offal such as intestines, ears, snout, and kidneys simmered in a … Read more

Man Lost at Sea for 24 Days Survived by Eating Ketchup


Lucky Man Survived by Eating Ketchup After Lost at Sea for 24 Days A man named Elvis Francois from the Caribbean island of Dominica who was lost at sea for 24 days survived by eating ketchup. The naval authority of Colombia said that a man from the Caribbean island of Dominica claimed he survived 24 … Read more

Man Singing ‘Jopay’ Goes Viral, Elicits Reactions Online


Man Singing ‘Jopay’ “Out-of-Tune” Elicits Comments From Internet Users A man singing “Jopay” by Mayonnaise goes viral online and earned various reactions from social media users. Throughout the centuries, singing has become popular in Filipino culture and tradition. Any reunion, trip, birthday party, or holiday gathering usually includes a videoke session. If the performer can … Read more

Man Accidentally Irons Polymer P1000 Bill Inside Pants’ Pocket

P1000 Bill

Man Accidentally Burns Polymer P1000 Bill Inside his Pocket After Ironing Pants A man has expressed his disappointment online after he accidentally ironed his polymer P1000 bill inside his pants’ pocket. A Facebook user named “JonAthan De Vera” has shared photos of a polymer banknote (P1000) he accidentally burned by iron. The post quickly spread … Read more