Man Caught Reading Bible Before Work in Negros Occidental


Inspiring Photo of Man Caught Reading Bible Before Work in Negros Occidental Touches Many Hearts The inspiring photo of a man who was caught reading his Bible before heading off to work in Negros Occidental earns praise online. Faith, a challenging yet powerful force, has been the foundation of human existence from the beginning of … Read more

Son Defends Street Cleaner Mom “Kinahiya ng Girlfriend”

Street Cleaner Mom

Loving Son Defends Street Cleaner Mom Against Girlfriend’s Criticism A loving son defended his street cleaner mom from those who belittled her profession “Kinahiya ng Girlfriend”. A Facebook user named Andry Valiao recently shared a video of his mother, who works diligently as a street cleaner. The post quickly circulates online and elicits various reactions … Read more

Iloilo Man Lost His Life After Shot by Neighbor Due to Unpaid Debt

Iloilo Man

Iloilo man named Armando Samson, tragically lost his life in a shooting incident that was allegedly triggered by an unpaid debt dispute. The suspect immediately leave the area to escape. Catalan reportedly brandishing his firearm when dealing with his debtors. However, there are no formal complaints had been filed against the suspect despite the accusations. … Read more

Man in Iloilo City Shot by Neighbor Over Debt Dispute

Iloilo City

Man Shot by Neighbor in Iloilo City Over Unpaid Debt Dispute A man lost his life after being shot by his neighbor in Molo, Iloilo City, during a dispute over an unpaid debt. Armando Samson, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. The shooting incident occurred in Barangay Boulevard, … Read more

Man Arrested in Taguig for Using Fake Money to Buy Cigarettes

Fake Money

Cops Arrest Man in Taguig for Repeatedly Using Fake Money to Buy Cigarettes MANILA, PHILIPPINES – A man was apprehended by the police in Taguig City for repeatedly using fake money to buy cigarettes. On July 30, 2023, a business owner in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Marlin Tamano, found that a customer had paid for a packet of … Read more

Man Arrested for Stealing Parked Motorcycles in Quezon City

Parked Motorcycles

Police Authorities Arrest Man for Stealing Parked Motorcycles in Quezon City A 28-year-old man has been arrested after being caught stealing parked motorcycles not once, but twice on NS Amoranto Street in Quezon City. According to La Loma Police Lt. Col. Romil Avenido, the suspect was first captured on CCTV on June 1, 2023, escaping … Read more

Man Falls to His Death While Allegedly Attempting Robbery


Man Dies After Trying to Rob Establishment in Quezon A man lost his life after attempting a robbery and falling from the third floor of a building in Atimonan, Quezon. Robbery, defined as the unlawful taking or attempted taking of property from an individual or institution using force or intimidation, has long been a major … Read more

Man Beaten After Drawing Knife on Barangay Watchman

Walang Pasok

Mandaluyong Residents Beat Man After Drawing Knife on Barangay Watchman A man was beaten by the residents of Barangay Addition Hills in Mandaluyong after drawing a knife on a barangay watchman. P/Captain Antonio Tan Jr., chief of Mandaluyong Police Sub-Station 2, said they received a complaint about a disturbance in Brgy. Addition Hills. “‘Yung suspek … Read more