Kuya Kim Atienza Leaving, Gretchen Fullido Revelations About Him

Kuya Kim Atienza

After working with Kuya Kim Atienza for 11 years, Gretchen Fullido has these revelations about him. KUYA KIM ATIENZA – Kapamilya entertainment reporter Gretchen Fullido speaks about Kuya Kim Atienza after 11 years of working with him. For 17 years, Kuya Kim Atienza has served the loyal Kapamilya supporters by being with ABS-CBN and being … Read more

Kuya Kim Atienza Leaving ABS-CBN, Netizens Air Saddened Reactions

Kuya Kim Atienza Twitter

Netizens couldn’t help but express their sadness because Kuya Kim Atienza is no longer with the Kapamilya network. KUYA KIM ATIENZA – People online expressed their sadness as Kuya Kim Atienza bids his goodbye in TV Patrol confirming his transfer to GMA. In a previous article, weatherman icon Kim Atienza confirmed that a transition is real and … Read more

Kuya Kim Atienza Leaving ABS-CBN: Kapamilya Personalities React

Kuya Kim Atienza

ABS-CBN colleagues of Kuya Kim Atienza reaction as he bid goodbye to the network after 16 years. KUYA KIM ATIENZA – ABS-CBN weatherman Kim Atienza transfers to GMA and here are the reactions of his colleagues and other Kapamilya personalities. In a previous article, Kapamilya host and weather reporter Kuya Kim Atienza talked about transition. … Read more