Isko Moreno Daughter: Meet Manila City Mayor’s Only Daughter

Isko Moreno Daughter

Know more about Isko Moreno’s daughter below! ISKO MORENO DAUGHTER – Meet Frances Diane Domagoso, the only daughter of the Manila City Mayor-elect Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso. Manila City Mayor-elect Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso is formerly a famous personality as an actor. He is also a former Vice Mayor of the City of Manila and a … Read more

Moreno Steps On Poop, Firefighters Splash Water On Bonifacio Monument

Isko Moreno on Bonifacio Monument 1

Moreno Orders Firefighters to Splash Water On Bonifacio Monument After Stepping on Poop MORENO – Mayor Isko Moreno ordered firefighters to splash water on Andres Bonifacio monument after stepping on poop. Actor turned politician Francisco Moreno Domagoso or better known as Isko Moreno is the current mayor of Manila. The 44-year-old politician has made several … Read more

Isko Moreno On Estrada: Six Years Is Already Enough


“Six Years Is Already Enough” Says Isko Moreno On Former Manila Mayor Estrada ISKO MORENO – Newly-elected Manila City mayor Isko Moreno recently made a comment on Estrada, saying that his six years of service is already enough. This is in lieu of our previous report, regarding Estrada’s comment in which he harshly criticized Moreno … Read more

Erap Estrada Criticizes Isko Moreno’s Recent Contributions To Manila

Erap Estrada on Isko Moreno 6

Erap Estrada Is Not Impressed By Isko Moreno’s Performance ERAP ESTRADA – Former Manila mayor Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada criticized Isko Moreno’s recent contribution to Manila. Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has done lots of changes in the busy streets of Metro Manila including Divisoria. The actor turned politician and his team initiated a clearing operation and … Read more

Isko Moreno Wants Politicians’ Names Removed From Schools, Hospitals

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno

Isko Moreno Orders Politicians’ Names Removed From Schools, Hospitals ISKO MORENO – Mayor Isko Moreno ordered to remove the names of the politicians that are placed in schools and hospitals. In a previous article, Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson praised the newly elected mayor of Manila Isko Moreno. He admired the politician’s latest achievement and successfully clean up some … Read more

Isko Moreno’s Recent Achievements Elicits Comment From Lacson

isko Moreno and Ping Lacson

Sen. Ping Lacson Praise Isko Moreno’s Recent Achievements ISKO MORENO – The recent achievement of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno elicited a reaction from Sen. Ping Lacson. Actor turned politician Isko Moreno has been very active with his duties as the new mayor of Manila. Three days after taking the mayoral seat, he confiscated and destroyed … Read more

Moreno Makes Surprise Inspection In Manila, Violator Caught In The Act

Isko Moreno inspection

Mayor Isko Moreno Conducts Surprise Inspection In Manila, Road Violator Caught In The Act ISKO MORENO – Mayor Isko Moreno conducted a surprise inspection in the highway roads of Metro Manila. Francisco Moreno Domagoso or better known as Isko Moreno is one of the famous actors in the 90’s. The 44-year-old celebrity left the show … Read more