Commuter Exposes Hardly Practiced Social Distancing Inside Public Bus

Commuter Air Dismay to Hardly Practiced Social Distancing Inside Public Bus A concerned commuter exposes the hardly practiced social distancing inside a public bus where passengers are seen standing. After riding a public utility bus, a commuter named Portia Chua Martin aired her dissatisfaction on Facebook. Despite the government’s mandate to limit passenger capacity to … Read more

Barug-PDP Laban Violates Gathering Protocol During Presentation of Slate

Barug-PDP Laban Charged Over Violation of Gathering Protocol Amid Launch of Official Slate The Cebu City local government has charged the Barug-PDP Laban after they allegedly violated the gathering protocol amid the presentation of slate. Several netizens grumbled about the gathering during their whole slate presentation on October 5, especially since the city administration has … Read more

KTV Bar in Pasay Caught Operating Amid GCQ Alert Level 4 Shutdown

KTV Bar Shutdown for Operating Despite GCQ Alert Level 4 in Pasay City Pasay City local authorities have shutdown a KTV bar after being caught operating despite the prohibition under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) alert level 4. The KTV bar was discovered operating, according to the Pasay local administration, despite the fact that this … Read more

Rush of People at Tondo Food Strip Amid Strict Rules Alarmed LGUs

LGUs Alarmed after People Rush at Tondo Food Strip Amid Strict Protocols The local government of Tondo, Manila were alarmed after a crowd of people rush at a famous food strip in the area despite strict health protocols. In the midst of the pandemic, video footage has surfaced of groups of Manileños congregating on the … Read more

8 Men Having Drinking Party in Cavite Amid MECQ Rules Arrested

8 Men Arrested After Caught Having Drinking Party Amid the MECQ Rules in Cavite Police authorities arrested eight (8) men allegedly having a drinking party on the road despite the strict quarantine rules due to MECQ in Cavite. A group of eight men seems to ignore the strict quarantine rules implemented under modified enhanced community … Read more

Katie Hopkins Face Deportation in Australia Over Protocol Breach

Katie Hopkins to Be Deported in Australia for Allegedly Breach of Health Protocol Far-right British commentator Katie Hopkins faces deportation after the Australian government cancels her visa over alleged breach of health protocols. Hopkins’ visa was revoked after she boasted about breaking Australia’s rigorous hotel quarantine standards. Hopkins had flown into Sydney for a reality … Read more

PNP Questioned QC Cop for Not Wearing Face Shield While Arresting Violator

QC Cop Not Wearing Face Shield While Apprehending Violator Criticized Online Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Guillermo Eleazar questioned the Quezon City (QC) cop for not wearing face shield while apprehending protocol violators. Eleazar questioned the QCPD about why some of their officers are not wearing face shields while implementing the quarantine policy. Eleazar’s order … Read more