Tricycle Driver Nabbed for Harassing Grade 9 Student in GenSan

Tricycle Driver Harassing Grade 9 Student Inside Mall in GenSan Arrested Police authorities arrested a tricycle driver for allegedly harassing a grade 9 student inside a mall in General Santos City (GenSan). According to Bombo Radyo Gensan, authorities arrested the tricycle driver after he allegedly harassed a 15-year-old student inside a mall in this city. … Read more

Man Accused of ‘Pamboboso’ & Disturbance Arrested in Pasig


Police Authorities Arrest Man Accused of ‘Pamboboso’ & Disturbance in Pasig City The police authorities have apprehended a man who was accused of ‘pamboboso’ and disturbance in Pasig City. Authorities have apprehended a man who was being complained about by his neighbors for allegedly engaging in acts of harassment, disturbance, and lewd behavior in Pasig … Read more

Radio Technologist Nabbed for Harassing Patient in Novaliches

Radio Technologist Harassing Female Patient Jailed Novaliches Hospital Police authorities arrested a radio technologist for allegedly harassing a female patient in a hospital in Novaliches, Quezon City. A redio technician was detained for allegedly abusing a 22-year-old female patient, according to an ABS-CBN report. When she claimed to the police that she had been harassed … Read more

Alleged Victim of Radio Technologist’s Harassment Speaks Out After Being Offered Free ECG

Alleged Victim

Alleged Victim Slams Radio Technologist Over Harassment Act An alleged victim of a radio technologist’s harassment speaks out after being offered of free ECG at a hospital in Novaliches, Quezon City. Trembling and in tears, a 22-year-old patient came forward to report an incident of alleged harassment by a radio technologist at a hospital in … Read more

Man Jailed After He Harassed a Woman with Disability in Quezon City

Man who Allegedly Harassed a Woman with Disability in Quezon City Arrested Police authorities arrested a man who allegedly harassed a woman who was discovered to have a disability in Quezon City. According to a report, a guy was arrested after dragging and harassing a mentally challenged girl in a dark area of Quezon City. … Read more

Taxi Driver Harasses Female Passenger While Watching Intimate Video

Taxi Driver Caught Watching Intimate Video and Harasses Female Passenger A worried female passenger shared a video of a taxi driver she caught watching an intimate video and allegedly harassing her inside the vehicle. A furious female customer revealed a harrowing encounter while riding a taxi in a video released by the Bombo Radyo IloIlo. … Read more

Debtors Slam Lending Apps After Receiving Funeral Flowers, Coffin

Debtors Air Dismay to Lending Apps for Sending Funeral Flowers, Coffin Debtors air dismay against some lending apps for allegedly sending funeral flowers and coffin to their addresses. According to a GMA News story, some debtors have expressed their dissatisfaction with online loan apps that are purportedly pressuring them if they do not pay on … Read more

Teen who Killed Girl, 8, Found Dead Inside Custodial Center

Teen who Harassed and Killed 8-year-old Girl Found Dead Inside Custodial Center Authorities found the teen who harassed and killed an 8-year-old girl dead inside the custodial center in Lucena City. Sunday morning, June 4, the accused harassment suspect was discovered dead in the bathroom of the custodial facility on Dalahican provincial road, Barangay Mayao … Read more

Teenager Who Harassed, Killed Girl, 8, Jailed After Reporting Own Crime

Teenager Arrested after Harassing and Killed an 8-year-old Girl in Quezon Police authorities arrested a teenager after he allegedly harassed and killed an 8-year-old girl in Lucena City, Quezon. A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and abusing an eight-year-old girl. According to the report, the culprit was identified as Julius Baloaloa Rodas, … Read more

Grade 10 Student Harassed by Classmates After Attending Party in Cebu

Grade 10 Student Found Undressed in Cebu After Allegedly Harassed by Classmates NAGA CITY, CEBU – A grade 10 female student was found undressed and weak after allegedly being harassed by classmates after attending a party. Seven people have been arrested in connection with a Grade 10 student’s gang r4pe. According to the investigation, the … Read more