Man Jailed After He Harassed a Woman with Disability in Quezon City

Man who Allegedly Harassed a Woman with Disability in Quezon City Arrested

Police authorities arrested a man who allegedly harassed a woman who was discovered to have a disability in Quezon City.

According to a report, a guy was arrested after dragging and harassing a mentally challenged girl in a dark area of Quezon City. Lt Col Paterno Domondon Jr, chief of the Quezon City Police District’s (QCPD) Batasan Police Station (PS 6) identified the suspect as Rodrigo Balanday Robles.

Man Harassed Woman Disabilities

Domondon said the suspect is 27 years old and from Barangay Espiritu Santo in Quezon City. According to the article, the man’s illicit activity was discovered by a concerned citizen named Reymond Morales Brazos.

Brazos stated that he was positioned at COA Gate 2, Barangay Batasan Hills, when he heard a woman plead for help and a man’s voice say, “HUWAG KANG MAINGAY.” As a result of what he had heard, Brozas told the duty guard.

The security guard quickly reported the crime to the police station. The culprit was apprehended after the authorities promptly patrolled the neighborhood.

Despite the fact that the girl has a mental condition, she claimed that the suspect harassed her during the investigation. The suspect will face charges for violating R.A. 8353, or the 1997 Anti-R4pe Law, at the QC Prosecutor’s Office.

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