Tricycle Driver Nabbed for Harassing Grade 9 Student in GenSan

Tricycle Driver Harassing Grade 9 Student Inside Mall in GenSan Arrested

Police authorities arrested a tricycle driver for allegedly harassing a grade 9 student inside a mall in General Santos City (GenSan).

According to Bombo Radyo Gensan, authorities arrested the tricycle driver after he allegedly harassed a 15-year-old student inside a mall in this city. Arwin Badsalaw Hasim, 29, a tricycle driver, was identified as the suspect.

The suspect is married and supposedly lives in Purok Mudia Extension, Barangay Labangal, General Santos City. According to the report, the complainant was identified as Maria Cello, 15, a Grade 9 student.

Tricycle Driver Harassing Student

According to the victim’s complaint, the driver compelled her to give her number and then placed her left hand on the suspect’s right arm. The suspect’s elbow intentionally touched her chest while holding her.

In greater detail, the suspect drove her to her school’s back gate and, before she got off the trike, pulled her into a hug and kissed her lips. She went on to say that the suspect even stuck his tongue inside her mouth.

According to reports, the victim attempted to push the suspect away, but the suspect took advantage of her strength and the victim was unable to resist. Fortunately, the victim was able to flee and find refuge in a compound.

Authorities started an entrapment operation against the suspect immediately, culminating in his arrest outside the mall. The culprit can be seen in the footage taking advantage of the victim while they are walking through the mall.

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