Debtors Slam Lending Apps After Receiving Funeral Flowers, Coffin

Debtors Air Dismay to Lending Apps for Sending Funeral Flowers, Coffin

Debtors air dismay against some lending apps for allegedly sending funeral flowers and coffin to their addresses.

According to a GMA News story, some debtors have expressed their dissatisfaction with online loan apps that are purportedly pressuring them if they do not pay on time. Some internet loan companies allegedly used harassment to collect from debtors whose payments were late.

Lending Apps Funeral Flowers

According to the article, one of the lending applications sent a funeral floral arrangement to a client. The victim described the incident as horrifying, saying that she didn’t know what to do but cry.

“Napapahiya po talaga ako. Parang kinikilabutan hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko umiiyak na lang ako,” said the victim.

“Pinagsisigawan pa kami through cellphone… kung gusto mo isunod ko ataul mo sabi sakin,” she added.

According to the victim, she took out a loan for P5,000 but only received P2,400 after many deductions. According to the report, the debtor allegedly failed to make her due loan payment. She claimed she was granted a one-week extension after her due date for a P2,000 cost.

The victim, however, declined the offer. Meanwhile, another consumer expressed her displeasure after receiving a genuine coffin after falling behind on her payments.

According to the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP-ACG), victims of such harassment must come out so that a case against the lenders can be built. According to PNP-ACG spokesperson Police Lt. Michelle Sabino, the authorities conduct a case investigation before filing a warrant with the court.

“We do a case build up and then we file a warrant with the court. When the court issues the warrant… We conduct a raid,” Sabino said.

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