Kind-Hearted Netizen Gives Free Food To Exhausted Rider

Kind-Hearted Netizen

Inspiring Photos of Kind-Hearted Netizen Giving Free Food To Exhausted Rider Went Viral A kind-hearted netizen earns praises from the online community after giving free food to a tired and exhausted Grab Rider. Over the past few years, delivery workers have been complaining against customers who were making fake bookings and order cancellation. They are enduring … Read more

Treatment of Customer to Grab Rider Involved in Accident Goes Viral

Treatment Customer to Grab Rider who Arrive Late Due to Accident Earned Praise The online community praises the treatment of the customer to the Grab rider who arrived late with destroyed orders after allegedly being involved in an accident. Ryan Marinda, a food delivery customer, recounted his heartwarming experience with a Grab rider on Facebook. … Read more