Lady Customer Orders 2 Meals But Wants to Pay 1, Grab Rider Airs Dismay

Lady Customer Orders 2 Meals But Wants to Pay 1, Grab Rider Airs Dismay

A Grab Food rider has expressed his disappointment after a lady customer ordered two meals but want to pay only one.

Over the past few years, a lot of delivery riders have been expressing their disappointment towards customers who were making fake booking and cancelling orders. Those modus continues to happen until the present time.

Recently, the Facebook page “Ratmoto” has shared the video footage of a lady customer who refused to pay the two meals she ordered and just wanted to pay one meal. The video circulates online and elicits comments from the online community.

Lady Customer

In the video, it can be seen that the delivery worker is having a short discussion with his female customer who refused to pay all the items she ordered. The client is willing to pay only one, which is considered as a violation of the policy.

The customer explained that she had no enough money to pay the other one. The rider spent almost 20 minutes waiting for the client to pay the order but the woman failed to find money.

The lady also tried to take a ride with the delivery employee’s motorcycle to get some cash from her friend but the rider explained that they are prohibited to do such things.

Lady Customer

After a few moments, the Grab employee reiterated “Bakit po kayo umorder kung kulang pera niyo ma’am, sana hindi na kayo umorder kung wala po kayong pambayad.” He also decided to report the customer and leave the area.

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The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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