Senator Reportedly Grabbed Seat on Plane

Lady Senator

Digital Artist Claims Senator Reportedly Grabbed His Seat on Plane A lady senator reportedly grabbed a seat on a plane, according to a dermatologist and digital artist Michael Vince Busa. Busa had booked a business class seat on a Philippine Airlines Flight, expecting a comfortable and smooth journey. However, he was surprised when something unexpected … Read more

5 Must-Have To Survive Long Drive, Commute, Flight


5 Must-Have for Surviving Long Road Trips SURVIVE LONG DRIVE – Here are five (5) must-haves for surviving long commute, drive, or flight while keeping your sanity along the way. Everyone can agree that traveling is enjoyable, but long trips can take their toll on you. Because of all the preparations you need to make, … Read more

Passenger Who Had Entire Flight to Himself in America Goes Viral


Passenger Goes Viral For Being Alone on Flight After 18-Hour Delay A fortunate passenger experienced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when he found himself as the sole passenger on a flight after an 18-hour delay, while the rest of the passengers had already departed for their destinations in America. A video of realtor Phil Stringer, who had … Read more

Female Passenger Nearly Misses Board Exam After Famous Airline Canceled Her Flight

Female Passenger

Female Passenger Nearly Missed Licensure Exam After Famous Airline Canceled Her Flight A female passenger lambasted a famous airline for nearly missing her licensure exams due to a canceled flight. A disgruntled passenger Maki Van Eker recently took to social media to express her frustration and disappointment with Cebu Pacific. Eker recounts the initial flight … Read more