Senator Reportedly Grabbed Seat on Plane

Digital Artist Claims Senator Reportedly Grabbed His Seat on Plane

A lady senator reportedly grabbed a seat on a plane, according to a dermatologist and digital artist Michael Vince Busa.

Busa had booked a business class seat on a Philippine Airlines Flight, expecting a comfortable and smooth journey. However, he was surprised when something unexpected happened.

The passenger expressed his disappointment upon discovering that someone was sitting in his seat. The digital artist revealed that it was a lady senator who had occupied his designated seat.

Lady Senator

According to the male cabin crew member he spoke with, the senator had taken a liking to that particular seat.

It is said that the cabin crew panicked while trying to find him a new business-class seat, fortunately, there was one seat left. Busa expressed concern that if the plane had been fully booked, he wouldn’t have been able to board.

The dermatologist shared his frustration on Facebook using hashtags such as “#poorservice, #philippineairlines, #pal, #entitled, and #notoentitledpoliticians.”

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Here is the full post:

When I thought everything is going smooth… the moment I boarded the PAL aircraft (2P flight)… somebody is seated in my business class seat… It happened to be a female senator, kasi it’s her choice daw according to the ground crew sabi ng male cabin crew… so he panicked to find me a new business class seat (buti nalang merong natirang isa, what if wala at full yung plane?, di ako makasakay?)… Philippine Airlines never ceases to amaze me!”

Politicians and other public personalities hold positions of responsibility and leadership in society. As a result, it is important that they set an example by treating others equally and respectfully, even in seemingly insignificant instances such as airplane seating arrangements.

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  1. Broadcast the name of the senator, so she would think twice to do it again.. and so that she will not be duplicated by the other senators..


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