5 Must-Have To Survive Long Drive, Commute, Flight

5 Must-Have for Surviving Long Road Trips

SURVIVE LONG DRIVE – Here are five (5) must-haves for surviving long commute, drive, or flight while keeping your sanity along the way.

Everyone can agree that traveling is enjoyable, but long trips can take their toll on you. Because of all the preparations you need to make, not to mention the terrible traffic, you’re already drained even before your travel begins.

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To make sure your journey is generally comfortable and stress-free, pack these essentials:

A mini-personal care kit

As you travel to your destination, you don’t want to appear untidy or have a bad stench. Keep a handkerchief, a comb, breath mints, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, and, possibly, a little bottle of cologne in a pouch or case. It needn’t be bulky—travel-sized miniatures are accessible everywhere.

Sleeping aids

You can always catch up on sleep during long trips. Have your neck cushion, mini-blanket or huge scarf, eye mask, and earplugs ready.

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Water and nourishing snacks

Keep your energy up and don’t arrive starving at your destination. Keep hydrated and nibble on healthy snacks such as granola bars and fruit rather than sugar-laden drinks or processed junk food. Just remember to pace yourself; restroom breaks may be few and far between during your adventure.

Power banks, chargers, and earphones

have your phone and gadgets juiced up at all times so you can maintain yourself attached to your loved ones by offering them occasional updates on where you are. Listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks; or watch videos, programs, or movies. Make sure you use earbuds so you don’t irritate fellow travelers who may desire some quiet time.

Feel-good essentials

There may be occasions when you won’t feel well while in transit, so have over-the-counter drugs like aspirin or paracetamol on hand. Include a bottle of relaxing essential oil, like Danarra Roll-On Aromatherapy Oil, to help you relax on the trip.

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