Austrian Airlines Plane Forced Flight to Turn Back Due to Clogged Toilets

Austrian Airlines Plane w/ Around 300 Passengers Turns Back Due to Broken Toilets

Austrian Airlines plane carrying around 300 passengers was forced flight to turn back due to clogged toilets.

Approximately 300 passengers on a flight bound for New York had to reschedule their trips after the toilets on the Austrian Airlines plane became clogged just two hours into the flight, resulting in the plane having to turn back.

According to an airline spokesperson, five out of the eight toilets on board were unable to flush properly. The flight, which usually takes eight hours, departed from Vienna on a Monday (April 24, 2023) but had to return due to a toilet issue.

Austrian Airlines Plane

Passengers were later rebooked on alternative flights, as reported by AFP.

This incident marks the first time that broken toilets have disrupted a flight for Austrian Airlines, according to the airline’s spokesperson. The plane resumed its operation after repair.

The Insider’s request for comment sent outside of regular business hours was not immediately responded to by Austrian Airlines.

Austrian Airlines Plane

It is not uncommon for flights to divert to the nearest airport in cases of toilet malfunctions. In a similar incident, a Norwegian Air flight with 85 plumbers on board had to return to Oslo in January 2018 when its toilets broke down, as the plumbers were unable to fix the issue mid-flight due to the need to access the exterior of the plane.

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