Proud Husband Flexes Wife (Doctor) Helping Wounded Passenger on Flight

Proud Husband Takes Pride of his Wife (Doctor) for Assisting Fellow Passenger Onboard

A proud husband goes viral online after flexing his wife, a doctor who helped a wounded passenger on a flight.

A heartwarming post by a Facebook user, Benjie Ador has captured the admiration of social media users. In his post, he shared the remarkable actions of his wife, a doctor, during a flight when they noticed a cabin crew member using tissue to stop the bleeding of a senior citizen passenger.

The incident took place on a Cebu Pacific flight, leaving netizens inspired by the doctor’s compassionate and quick response to the situation.

Proud Husband

Benjie Ador starts his post by recounting the events that unfolded on their flight to Bicol International Airport. As they boarded the aircraft, he observed a cabin crew member applying pressure to the head of a male senior citizen passenger to prevent further bleeding.

Being a trained emergency medical technician, Ador felt a sense of responsibility to assist in such situations. He promptly informed his wife, Ket Imperial Ador, about what he had witnessed.

The female doctor then approached the cabin crew and introduced herself to the passenger’s family, demonstrating her willingness to help.

According to Benjie, the passenger had accidentally been hit on the head by a falling tumbler, resulting in bleeding. Ket, following proper aseptic protocols, examined the injured area and requested a basic first aid kit from the cabin crew.

They promptly provided the necessary supplies, demonstrating their preparedness for such incidents. Ket carefully cleaned the patient’s head, ensuring there were no signs of laceration but only a contusion hematoma and abrasion caused by the impact of the tumbler.

Thanks to Ket’s swift response, the bleeding was successfully stopped, and the appropriate first aid measures were applied. Ket also recorded the passenger’s vital signs and became alarmed when she noticed a blood pressure reading of 200/100.

Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, she advised the cabin crew that the passenger should undergo a thorough medical examination at the nearest hospital.

He concluded his post by expressing his pride in his wife’s remarkable actions.

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