Passenger Who Had Entire Flight to Himself in America Goes Viral

Passenger Goes Viral For Being Alone on Flight After 18-Hour Delay

A fortunate passenger experienced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when he found himself as the sole passenger on a flight after an 18-hour delay, while the rest of the passengers had already departed for their destinations in America.

A video of realtor Phil Stringer, who had the entire airplane to himself, went viral. The flight was scheduled from Oklahoma City to Charlotte City. While waiting at the boarding gate, Stringer assumed he was the only passenger left to board the plane.

To his surprise, the gate agent informed him that he was indeed the sole passenger. Prior to this, the flight had been delayed seven times due to inclement weather, causing other passengers to abandon their travel plans.


Despite the 18-hour delay, Stringer decided to endure it as he needed to reach his destination for work purposes. Stringer captured the extraordinary experience and shared it on TikTok, where it garnered an astounding 50 million views.

The video quickly caught the attention of viewers who found the situation fascinating and enviable. Many people expressed their amusement and shared their desire to have a similar experience.


Having an entire aircraft to oneself is undoubtedly an unusual and extraordinary occurrence. It provided Stringer with a rare opportunity to enjoy the flight in a unique way, unrestricted by the presence of fellow passengers.

While the circumstances leading to this exceptional solo flight may not have been ideal, the passenger’s positive outlook and dedication to his work enabled him to turn the situation into a memorable experience.

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