Elderly Worker Spends Christmas at Bus Terminal After Abandoned by Employer

Elderly Worker Spends Christmas at Bus Terminal After Abandoned by Employer

An elderly worker, along with his colleagues, spent Christmas at the Ceres bus terminal in Iloilo after they were allegedly abandoned by their employer.

Maxine Louise Feranil, a Facebook user, shared the story of an elderly worker named Allan Lachica and 16 other laborers who were stranded in Iloilo after spending months working in Negros. Their contractor allegedly abandoned them without paying their hard-earned wages.

For the past six days, these workers have called the Ceres bus terminal in Iloilo home. The workers revealed that they sold their cellphones to make the journey from Negros to Iloilo, leaving them disconnected from their families in Masbate.

Elderly Worker

Lachica assisted Feranil in parking her car, displaying kindness despite his own struggles. When offered financial help, he humbly declined, explaining that he only needed enough to buy rice for himself and his friends.

Feranil learned that these workers spent Christmas in the Ceres Terminal, eagerly waiting updates from a contractor they had served for five months. To their disappointment, the contractor failed to pay them.

During the day, these workers walked around asking for spare change to buy food, their contracts serving as proof of their employment. Without phones, they wander an unfamiliar city, unable to communicate with their families.

Every night, they sought refuge in the Ceres Terminal in Tagbak, sleeping on the floor with empty stomachs. Tatay Allan, despite his worn-out appearance, maintained politeness and kindness. Feranil provided extra cash and shared their story on Facebook.

The lady netizen is urging those who can to visit the Ceres Terminal, share leftovers, or provide clothing. She said that monetary donations will only be accepted once the presence of the stranded workers at the terminal is confirmed.

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