Ellen Adarna Baby Bump Shown In These Photos?

Ellen Adarna Baby Bump

ELLEN ADARNA BABY BUMP – The actress is rumored to be pregnant again and these photos seem to fuel the rumors. She posted these photos but after a while, deleted them. However, people online were quick to get screenshots as the rumors about her pregnancy has been going on for months already.

Ellen Adarna Flaunts Baby Bump? Here’s The Post

Ellen Adarna

Is that the baby bump of Ellen Adarna in these photos? It has been rumored that actress Ellen Adarna is pregnant and these photos she immediately deleted fueled the rumors. Is the actress finally pregnant again? View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ellen Adarna Ramsay (@maria.elena.adarna) Actress Ellen Adarna and actor Derek … Read more

Ellen Adarna Son Elias Is Going To Have A Sibling?

Ellen Adarna Son

ELLEN ADARNA SON – Is the actress already pregnant with her second child, the first with her husband Derek Ramsay? Is Elias finally going to become a big brother? Speculations about the actress being pregnant circulated online because of a post from her husband but until now, she is mum about this.

John Lloyd Cruz Speaks About Elias & Co-Parenting With Ellen Adarna

John Lloyd Cruz

Here’s what John Lloyd Cruz said about his son and the co-parenting setup. A-list actor John Lloyd Cruz says Elias saved him and speaks about the co-parenting set-up with former partner Ellen Adarna. During their relationship as a couple of actors John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna, they remained low-key which included keeping it private when it … Read more

Ellen Adarna Shares Her Photo From 12 Years Ago

Ellen Adarna

Here’s the photo of Ellen Adarna from 12 years ago and the comments of the netizens. Famous actress-model Ellen Adarna posts her photo online taken over a decade ago and here are the comments from the post. Former Bubble Gang star Ellen Adarna was the most popular during the Friendster days. Friendster was a social networking site … Read more

Ellen Adarna Makes A Statement About Cheating and It Goes Viral

Ellen Adarna

This is the strong stand of Ellen Adarna regarding cheating. Famous actress-entrepreneur Ellen Adarna was asked about cheating and this is her strong stance regarding this kind of betrayal. Cheating is non-negotiable to most people who are in a relationship. And when it comes to cheating, there are grey areas when it comes to defining … Read more

Ellen Adarna Asks Money From Derek Ramsay? This Is What She Said

Ellen Adarna

This is the stand of Ellen Adarna about asking for money from her husband. ELLEN ADARNA – Actress-model Ellen Adarna shares her stand about asking for money from her husband Derek Ramsay. Celebrities Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay got married in November 2021. They had a sunset wedding on the sprawling mountains of Rancho Bernardo Luxury … Read more