Ellen Adarna On Commenter Who Pointed Out John Lloyd’s “Absence”

In a response to a netizen, Ellen Adarna defended John Lloyd Cruz.

Actress Ellen Adarna has this clap back to a basher who pointed out John Lloyd Cruz’s “absence” on Elias’ moving up ceremony.

Elias Modesto is the son of celebrities Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz. The celebrity couple have separated but their good relationship as the parents of Elias is maintained. They have this great co-parenting relationship and at such a young and tender age, Elias has been exposed to so much love and understanding surrounding him.

The situation is quite complex but the child is loved including his stepfather Derek Ramsay.

To recall, Ellen and Derek are married and Elias has grown closer to the stepfather. Cruz has mentioned it before that he’s grateful for Ramsay as he takes care of Elias and he loves him.

Recently, Ellen shared one snap, the most decent, from the moving up ceremony of Elias. In the comments section, there was one comment that caught Ellen’s attention and it said, “JL should be present.”

In a response, Ellen lambasted the comment and left a good lecture to the commenter. She quipped that she should her own business as not seeing him in a photo doesn’t mean he was not there.

“Wag masyadong close minded manang. Present father naman cya meaning present din cya sa lahat ng milestones ng anak nya,” she said.

Ellen Adarna
Photo grabbed on IG

The actress has always been vocal about how good and responsible John Lloyd is as a father. He always gives so much for their son.

Meanwhile, in a previous article, Ellen is rumored to be pregnant. It’s been years since she officially became a Mrs. Ramsay, however, they don’t have a baby yet. As for welcoming their child, the actress had some preparations like dropping her vices.

Last December,  Adarna suffered from a miscarriage. Despite the heartbreaking loss, the couple remained hopeful as this event, on a lighter side, proved that they are not sterile. This gave them hope that there’s still a big chance for them to have a child together.

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