Rodrigo Duterte Just Laughed At ICC Drug War Probe – Sen Bato

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Rodrigo Duterte Laughed Off ICC Probe Against His Controversial Drug War Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa reveals former president Rodrigo Duterte allegedly laughed at the drug war probe of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Dela Rosa disclosed his chat with the former president after the ICC Appeals Chamber rejected the Philippines’ plea against the continuance … Read more

Ex-President Duterte Admits There’s Abuse During “War on Drugs”

Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte Admits Abuse During “War on Drugs” Campaign RODRIGO DUTERTE – The ex-president admitted that there was abuse during his administration’s “war on drugs” campaign. In an SMNI television interview, Duterte did not refute President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s claim that there was abuse in some government departments during his administration’s drug war. He … Read more

Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte on ICC: “If I rot in prison, so be it”

Rodrigo Duterte ICC

Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte Ready to Face the Charges to be Filed by ICC RODRIGO DUTERTE – The ex-president of the Philippines says he is ready to face the charges that will be filed by International Criminal Court (ICC). Duterte seems unconcerned about the ongoing issue of the ICC probe into his administration’s contentious drug campaign.  … Read more

Pandemic Brings More Filipinos Back to Poverty in 2021


Pandemic Pushes More Pinoy into Poverty Pandemic – After the COVID19 virus struck the Philippines in 2020, millions of Filipinos found themselves in poverty compared to three years prior. Lockdown was established after the virus spread throughout the nation, forcing a number of business establishments to close. Millions of Filipinos lost their jobs, and some … Read more

Ex-DPWH Chair Releases Book of Infra Accomplishments of Duterte Admin

Ex-DPWH Build Build Build Chair Made a Book of Duterte Admin Infra Accomplishments Ex-DPHW Build Build Committee chair Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo releases a book of infra accomplishments of President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration. Lamentillo just published a book highlighting the Duterte Administration’s infrastructure achievements over the last five years. Written by Lamentillo and edited by … Read more

Enchong Dee Reveals Intention To Enter Politics But…

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Politics was one of the possibilities Enchong Dee thought about Actor Enchong Dee revealed that he had an intention to enter the political arena however he did not pursue this plan because of this reason. Enchong is one of the celebrities in the Philippine entertainment industry who has been vocal when it comes to topics … Read more

Makabayan Bloc to Probe “Troll Farms” Allegedly Threat to Democracy

Makabayan Bloc Seek Probe Against “Troll Farms” for Allegedly Threat to Democracy The Makabayan bloc seek probe against “troll farms” that are said to be a threat to democracy, especially if they are used to harass administration’s critics. Six Makabayan legislators recently submitted House Resolution 1900, requesting that Congress evaluate the sources of funding for … Read more

Jennylyn Mercado Shares Intriguing Posts, Is This Her Reply To Arnell Ignacio?

Jennylyn Mercado

Kapuso actress Jennylyn Mercado has these intriguing posts. JENNYLYN MERCADO – Actress from the GMA network, Jennylyn Mercado has these strong statements following tirades of Arnell Ignacio. Kapuso actress Jennylyn Mercado is currently among the most vocal celebrities over issues of the country and a critic of the current administration, especially in this time of … Read more