Rodrigo Duterte Just Laughed At ICC Drug War Probe – Sen Bato

Rodrigo Duterte Laughed Off ICC Probe Against His Controversial Drug War

Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa reveals former president Rodrigo Duterte allegedly laughed at the drug war probe of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Dela Rosa disclosed his chat with the former president after the ICC Appeals Chamber rejected the Philippines’ plea against the continuance of the war on drugs inquiry. He claimed that Duterte allegedly laughed at the prospect of the ICC’s inquiry continuing.

“Nabanggit ‘yung about ICC. Tumatawa man lang siya. Sabi niya walang patutunguhan ‘yan. ‘Hindi mo kailangang i-stress nang sobra-sobra ang sarili mo,” said Dela Rosa.

Duterte Laughed ICC Probe

Meanwhile, Atty Harry Roque, Duterte’s spokesperson when he was President, said “FPRRD has always maintained that as an independent and sovereign state, only the Philippine courts can try any crime committed in the PHL territory.”

“Paulit-ulit niyang sinabi na dahil dito, haharapin niya ang lahat ng akusado niya anytime but before Philippine courts and before Filipino Judges only,” Roque added, based on the report of GMA News.

Among the Filipino authorities identified in the ICC prosecutor’s report on drug war killings are Duterte and Dela Rosa, Duterte’s first chief of the Philippine National Police. According to government statements, nearly 6,000 suspects have been slain during the admin’s war on drugs.

Human rights groups, on the other hand, claim that the death toll is much higher and should include more unsolved killings by motorcycle-riding shooters. Meanwhile, Duterte has defended the crackdown, claiming that it is “lawfully directed against drug lords and pushers who have for many years destroyed the current generation, particularly the youth.”

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