Denise Laurel Shares Unique Way Of Raising Her Son

Denise Laurel Son

This is how Denise Laurel treats and raises her son with a non-showbiz foreign guy. DENISE LAUREL – Actress-singer Denise Laurel is a single mother to her son Davian Alejandro and this is her way of raising him. 11-year-old Davian Alejandro is the son of Denise Laurel with an Italian-American guy whose name and other details, … Read more

Denise Laurel Shares Why Previous Relationship Didn’t Work

Denise Laurel

This is the reason why the last relationship of Denise Laurel ended. DENISE LAUREL – Actress Denise Laurel and basketball star Sol Mercado were a couple before and here’s why their relationship ended. Denise Laurel and basketball star Sol Mercado were a couple. But for eight years, their relationship has been going on and off. … Read more

Denise Laurel Opens Up About The Father Of Her Son

Denise Laurel

This is what Denise Laurel said regarding her son’s father. DENISE LAUREL – In an interview, Denise Laurel opened up about the father of her son Alejandro and what happened to them. Davian Alejandro is Denise Laurel’s son. She gave birth to him in 2011 and he is her son with an Italian-American man. She … Read more

Female Actresses that Good in Fighting Roles

Female Actresses

Kapamilya Female Actresses Who Can Take Action Roles Female actresses that can portray action roles in movie that may suprise you because they are very good at it. The majority of the time, an actress can deceive viewers into thinking they are actually tough by using body doubles and camera gimmicks. However, there has recently … Read more

Denise Laurel Post After Sol and Sandra Announce Engagement

Denise Laurel

Here’s a post from Denise Laurel after her ex and this beauty queen made an engagement announcement. DENISE LAUREL – Sol Mercado and Sandra Lemonon are now engaged and famous actress Denise Laurel has this positive post. Last 2013, professional basketball player Sol Mercado proposed marriage to actress Denise Laurel who accepted his offer of … Read more

Sol Mercado Reacts To Comparison Between Sandra and Denise

Sol Mercado

Basketball player Sol Mercado slams basher comparing his current GF to his ex-fiance. SOL MERCADO – PBA free agent Sol Mercado replies to basher who compared Sandra Lemonon to Denis Laurel following relationship confirmation. Former Miss Universe Philippines candidate Sandra Lemonon confirmed her relationship with Philippine Basketball Association free agent Sol Mercado just recently through an … Read more

Sandra Lemonon Sweet Message For Sol Mercado, Confirms Relationship

Sandra Lemonon Sol Mercado

The love-filled message of Sandra Lemonon for Sol Mercado as she finally revealed their real score. SANDRA LEMONON – Famous beauty queen Sandra Lemonon confirms her relationship with basketball player Sol Mercado through this post. Last 2018 during the Binibining Pilipinas pageant, the contestant that went viral is Sandra Lemonon as she painfully gave an … Read more

Denise Laurel Figure After Gaining 30 lbs., Netizens React To It

Denise Laurel

Here’s what Denise Laurel said after gaining weight. DENISE LAUREL – Famous singer and actress Denise Laurel shows body after gaining 30 pounds during 9 months of lockdown. Lockdown surely has various effects to people. Some have chose to finally start a heathy lifestyle while some got their time to rest and relax which caused … Read more

Denise Laurel Posts Photoshopped Images W/ Park Seo-joon

Denise Laurel & Park Seo-Joon 1

Denise Laurel Shares Photoshopped Images W/ Park Seo-joon DENISE LAUREL – Pinay actress Denise Laurel shared humorous photoshopped images of herself with South Korean actor Park Seo-joon. Lots of Filipinos including celebrities idolize the ultimate Oppa Park Seo Joon. Longtime Korean drama fans have loved him since his early acting days. More and more people … Read more